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  1. Hello,
    I am 17, and I really need a buddy to help me loose weight. I’ve gotten really fat, and I am desperate to loose it, and become thin. Please help me! I don’t care what age you are, I just need someone to motivate me.
    Hope you want to help a desperate girl.


  2. This is sick. All these girls look sick and unhealthy. This is a true ugliness. I am so sorry for people who follow such a scheme.

  3. I love this site, i’m fat too and want help to be pretty and beautiful. its great to find people who understand what its like to want to be skinny and dont judge. i love you all and we can do it if we help each other. fuck the haters and stay skinny bitchesssss!

  4. So
    Thinking ana is a good diet plan?
    Ok, who wants to be a liar? Who wants to be sneaky and hurt the people who love them? Who wants to suffer a lot of body problems (not just a little tummy ache, lol!) that may continue for a (shortened) lifetime? Who wants to lose their friends and give up activities? Who wants to go on a trip where you have a 20% chance of dying at the end?


    Then welcome to ana. Your life is now over. You have wasted your potential and become something mainstream society (and common sense) considers wrong; stupid, an object of pity, an example of self inflicted physical abuse.

    There is no beauty or happiness for anas. There is only starvation and failure and death.

    • They don’t know what it means to have an eating disorder. The worst of all is, that they are people who can not choose, if they want to have an eating disorder or not and you guys are so pathetic! You all should be happy, that you are alive! Stop having the dream of beeing sick! Start to love yourself! Start to love your body!

  5. Hey, I’m 13 hope that doesn’t bother anyone. Been trying to diet. Need a little motivation and a buddy.

    Kik: Sunnyyeah03

  6. I’m really struggling with this, I need a buddy to help and push me on, with me doing the same to them! I’m 14, almost 15, Dear Satan save my non existent soul- My Instagram is Nixen_666
    ( ´Д`)y━・~~

  7. Hi I’m Anna, from Czech Republic. I’m 13 y.o. I must lose weight. At my age I appreciate very much… I will not mention it better. I have more problems, before that I’m fat! Can you help me please?

  8. My mother would be very angry, when i stopped eating and skipped the dinner. I don’t know, what i’m doing. Have you got any tips??

    • Cut out calories in different meals or skip others so you can go to dinner no questions asked, and if people at those meals ask, just say you at a larger meal earlier that day, so you aren’t as hungry

    • Hi! I’m 14 and I’m having trouble loosing weight and at this point… I really don’t know what to do , I literally try to starv myself but I can’t help myself but to eat… I’m so desperate to loose weight so can anyone plz help me with this?

  9. Hey I’m 19 and looking for a weight loss buddy so we can motivate each other. I have a fairly large amount of weight to lose ( >45lbs 😦 ) so I’m looking for someone around my age with similar goals. Feel free to add me on snapchat if you think this could work for you 🙂 SC: ellmichelle

  10. Today, we’re having a dinner. It’s two fried cheeses with french fries. I’m don’t eating fried cheeses, bud the french fries
    I could not resist:( I hope that it improves…

  11. Hi, Im Roxana, i saw your site, and I wanted to tell you something. I always liked to look good, and ive also had periods of time when my weight was bigger but with only a few kilos and i have for you some suggestions of loosing more weight by eating low-fat chicken.

    1. Your body is weakened if you follow the diets on your site, and it wants to keep the fat it has and it becomes harder and harder to looose weight. You can loose weight easier by eating chicken and also healthy food, this is how your body will have a very active metabolism and will burn fats much faster. Healthy diets help you loose more weight than the diets on your site. The diets on your site make much harder for your body to loose weight, because being hungry, he wont release the fat he already has, he will stock it.

    2. Exercise may be more effective if you do like this – If you follow the diets on your site, your body will be so weakened that exercise wont be so effective for you because these diets make your metabolism slower, which means it burns fats slower and slower. Much better results happen when your body is healthy nourished and has more energy to work, this is the main key to make the more efficient exercise. I speak as a professional in loosing weight. The best way to make effective exercise is following diets given by professionals that know your height, constitution, and kind and duration of exercise you do. Just try it and see the results. You wont loose anything, you will gain a more active metabolism that burns fats easier, and also health. You can try to eat healthy, chicken, fish, and more than it is said in those diets, and you will see your metabolism will be faster and will burn fats easier, you will have more energy when you exercise and you will not be tired so fast. You dont have to increase the duration of exercise, you can even do less of it, and with better results because of the metabolism that will be faster.

    I also was fitness trainer and i always wanted to both look good and be healthy. I read on your site that being slim is more important than being healthy, but my oppinion is that it is both important to be fit and healthy. You can also burn fats faster than now and be healthy too. You dont need to choose between them because they go together for the best results in burning fats and in being attractive. Attraction is a slim body, but without the long hair and energy of a healthy body that allows you to valorise this slim body, to act in certain ways, to emanate joy that is so sexy, without those, the slim body is less appealing to boys. If you have both slim body and health, you can have it all. Dont be satisfied with just half of it. You can have it all.

    I wondered about something and couldnt find the answer. What is the purpose of being thin if your health does not let you enjoy it like you should? I mean you are skinny and the boys like it, but they dont like that you dont have enough energy to act in a sexy, confident manner because your body is so weakened. You are skinnny and the boys like it, but they also want long healthy hair. Why to cut it when you can have both things?

    You must admit that being fit and skinny is a pro, but also having long hair and enough energy in order to evidentiate your body more. If you have both fit skinny body and health (Health meaning long beautiful hair, energy and self-confidence that is so sexy), you can have it all. Why having just half of it?

    This is my way of thinking and i wanted to say it to you. Because we both like to look good.

  12. ps – why is she not active anymore? Maybe something happened to her because of ana. Ana is dangerous, we all want to be fit in order to be noticed and if you die no one notices you anymore, and it is useless.

  13. Hey eveybody 😊

    My name is Nena I’m 18 Years old and i need a buddy to need a help loose weight. I love to be skinny 😍 and i hope you too . And we loose together weight. I look forward to hearing from you

  14. Love this site! I really need to lose weight and this is going to be so helpful· I’m 102 I just want to go down to like 85 -90 and I am so happy to find somewhere I can use to get me there

  15. Hi there,

    I am in mid twenties and have put on weight due to school. Am I need of a buddy for me to motivate and who I can motivate.

    Reply back if you’re keen 🙂

    • Hi, I am Alice, 20 years old and I would like to be a buddy 🙂 is Belle your real name or do we have a common interest in Disney, by any chance?

    • Hey also looking for a buddy since I put on weight during the holidays back home. I am in my twenties and I need someone that can be strict at times. Do you have a kik?

  16. I’m Michaela. I need to loose some weight. I’m too fat. I need someone to help me. We can help each other. Text me on whats app or email. My number : +421944130577

  17. Hi L. I was wondering if you had any advice on laxatives and which ones to take since sometimes I have don’t have an option and I’m forced to eat. When I’m with friends or family sometimes it’s unavoidable.

  18. I’m in desperate need of a very strict pro ana coach, please reply with your kik username if interested!!!
    I’d love to make ana buddies too! 🙂

  19. Please die Ana
    For as long as you’re here we’re not
    You make the sound of laughter
    And sharpened nails seem softer
    And I need you now somehow
    And I need you now somehow
    Open fire on the needs designed on my knees for you
    Open fire on my knees desires what I need from you
    Imagine pageant
    In my head the flesh seems thicker
    Sandpaper tears corrode the film
    And I need you now somehow
    And I need you now somehow
    Open fire on the needs designed on my knees for you
    Open fire on my knees desires what I need from you
    And your my obsession
    I love you to the bones
    And Ana wrecks your life
    Like an anorexia life
    Open fire on the need designed on my knees for you…
    Open fire on my knees desires what I need from you
    Open fire on my needs designed
    Open fire on the needs designed on my knees for you

    In memory of the lost, wish I would have been able to express my disease like this and make you see…

  20. I get that your trying to get through to these girls but that’s not the way to go about it. Trust me I know I’ve struggled with anorexia and bulimia most of my life. I don’t support would they’re doing by any means. But all you can do is offer them help in moving them in the right direction.

  21. I know what you mean and I’m firmly convinced there’s no way out of it but with the help of others cause it’s almost impossible to figure a way out of something which has its origin in the very same mind you’re trying to solve it with, as if trying to play chess against yourself when your solution strategy is an open book to your opponent…I only made the experience that you cannot help nobody who doesn’t see he’s in need of it and any help requires the awareness that you’ve drifted off, that indeed something changed but it’s nothing good at all, that for rare good moments you pay dearly and that when you finally achieved the control you longed for it’s no longer you who exercises it…reflection is the thin end of the wedge

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