1,134 thoughts on “Thinspiration

  1. Can someone please help me I need help so bad I’m going crazy doing this on my own I’m 15 and need help thanks xxx
    PS: please email me (hannahlav023@gmail.com)

  2. Hey so i need a strict ana coach to help me i just started yesterday and i need all the help i can get
    Female Age:13 CW:114 GW:100 i need a coach that will keep in touch with text message here is my email so you can give me your email to exchange numbers i cant send pictures so i will send them through email. i just want to be skinny. I cant wait!!!!!<3
    Email:abmarthalerproell@isd2149.org on weekends use Email:abbi03mp@gmail.com

  3. anyone want to be weight loss buddies?!!
    I noticed everyone on here is asking for an “ana buddy”, but that is not what I am looking for. I do not want to starve myself to the point where I am miserable.
    I do not support becoming anorexic in any way shape or form, but would like to lose weight a littleeeee bit on the healthier side by excising, eating healthy, cleanse fasting, cutting down calories, etc! I want a buddy who can motivate me to reach my goals and vice versa while feeling happy about our decisions.
    Kik me @ marleythomp if interested!
    I am 16 years old and 135lbs and would like to reach 120lbs by february.

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