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  1. These pics are sickening like the commercials on tv about “help feed the starving children” I hope you know if your pic is on this site you are being used by internet predators.

    • Hi, I am lookin for an ana buddy but my mum threw away the scales so I have to go by measurements, will message you on kik, ignore if you think I won’t be any help ^^

  2. Hey, I’m 17 and I need an ana buddy.
    I’m trying to lose weight since one year (I’m going to the gym, I also started to eat healthy) but I haven’t lost any weight. Btw, I don’t have kik.

  3. Hi!
    I’m Veera, I’m 16 years old and I’m in desperate need of an ana coach. I can tell more about me etc. if you contact me tho. I don’t mind what age are you or gender, as long as we have about the same timeline, 3-4hours time difference is okay.
    My kik: .pikachu.. One dot at top and two at the bottom.
    Email: 666butterflyana666@gmail.com
    Skype: pikachuuw666

  4. Anorexia actually causes increased fat storage when you do break down and eat…and YOU WILL break down, or you will DIE. So, instead of being Pro Ana, you should be Pro Suicide because starvation leads to death, not maintained weight loss. The body maintains homeostasis because it is able to provide each cell with energy in the form of ATP which comes from glucose, or SUGAR. Yes, sugar in high amounts beyond your individual caloric needs over an extended period of time (weeks-months) is stored as fat. And if you think for one second that you are functioning right now WITHOUT ATP (sugar), you are uneducated. Your liver is more than capable of making its own sugar during a process called GLYCOGENOLYSIS in which fat and eventually muscle is broken down for energy. You are not TRICKING your metabolism. Your body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do: compensate during starvation. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL for starving yourself. People living in poverty have been starving for thousands of years, early man has adapted to periods of starvation when there was no food to hunt. Now that you’ve depleted your immediate energy source, FOOD, you’ve caused the cascade of the STRESS RESPONSE and upset your acid base balance (metabolic acidosis=>death), your fluid balance (dehydration=>death), & your electrolyte balance (decreased potassium=>arrhythmias, MI, death). Great, now the NEXT TIME YOU EAT, your body has maladapted and WILL STORE FAT more effectively…and I know what you are thinking, you WON’T EAT ENOUGH for it to be stored as FAT right? WRONG. After you enter a state of starvation, your body begins to use ketones (from the breakdown of fat) for energy, so it’s already meeting the caloric needs of your body when you finally break down and EAT…your body doesn’t need that food immediately, it’s already compensated and has plenty of ketones in the bloodstream for cell energy, so it stores it as FAT. This is a redundant, torturous cycle. WHY SUFFER NEEDLESSLY?
    A more effective way to LOSE WEIGHT, MAINTAIN THINNESS, AND L—I—V—E … is to drive your body to burn fat while maintaining an immediate energy supply. FASTING causes a stress response in the body which instructs it to store more fat when food becomes available. EATING SMALL FREQUENT SNACKS (1 handful of food every 2 hrs) prevents that stress response & fat from being stored. Figure out what is JUST ENOUGH to meet your body’s immediate needs by providing energy through food WITHOUT excessive amounts to be stored as fat (NO WEIGHT GAIN). Exercise to drive your body to need more, so you can eat more if you want. Then, you don’t have to feel like sh** every time you eat and you can be that strong, beautiful, powerful woman with the energy to BACK IT UP. That’s what people mean when they say eat less, exercise more. It’s physiology and you can’t trick it.

    • Ok so I am not for ‘hating’ on these sites, I’ve even used them myself, but I think your comment is actually perfect. It’s realistic advice without being harsh at all and it’s completely true. And I know for sure since I’ve been on and off severe calorie restricting diets for the past 7 years and have not managed to maintain it, and realise it’s not physically possible. A lot of people are convinced they can do it, as I have in the past, but now I put on weight even on my current super healthy, very low fat, zero cholesterol, low calorie diet. I’ve increased exercise but still no luck since my body was starving before. I’m assuming I can’t get anywhere near my lowest weight again without starving and I can’t live like that forever since it became dangerous when I tried, even when I thought I was doing fine. Thanks for the informative comment. It’ll be tough but in the long run everyone would befit should they follow your advice.

  5. Hi there, I’m Rebecca. Do I need an ana buddy? Nope. I supposedly am thin. People have even asked me if I’m anorexic. But you know what? Because I still don’t totally love myself, it doesn’t matter. If I had the ‘perfect body’, would I be happier? You know what? I’d probably just find fault with something else. The chaos of my lack of self acceptance resides within me, not externally. I’ve actually gained weight this year, because the doctor said that I should. Even though other people say I’m thin, I know what it’s like to be filled with self loathing when you eat. I still don’t wear bikinis, so all the pictures are rubbish. After spending ten years with severe depression and anxiety and the last few years feeling suicidal all the time, I can legitimately say that I know what it’s like to be in a bad place. But you need to get better emotionally and mentally, not lose more weight. I’ve had hell for quite a while now, but if I can stop other people going down a bad path, it will have been worth it.

  6. all the people against ana in the comment section: if u read some comments and see that some of these people weigh 180+, you can realize that aneroxia probably will help them more than hurt them, at 180 pounds. I’m sorry but if your a female and 5’6 and weigh 180 you probably should take drastic measures to lose weight until you can lose at least 40-50 pounds! Because being overweight is much worse than being under weight. While all these people comment about how you will die from not eating, if you weigh 180 pounds and your a female and not a bodybuilder and you keep your current habbits, you probably will die of a heart attack or something I’m sure by atleast 30. Not trying to promote self-hate, just giving you some Thinspo XOXO

    • well if you lose weight like what this website is saying to do you might as well kill your self cause that what this website is doing killing you slowly

    • Shut up. Everyone has different builds and body types. Stop bullying and encouraging this shitty behaviour. The only person you are harming is yourself. If your anorexic you are also very likely to die of a heart attack

    • Honey your ana habits have caused your brain to malfunction and you have become a fucking idiot.
      Yes, being too fat is bad.
      That’s not the point, though, is it? You’ll die faster of ana than obesity, though, and if you’re 180 and try to turn ana and starve your body until your blood sugar tanks – well, not a great idea from a medical standpoint.
      Reducing intake and increasing activity until weight stabilizes is the correct approach; from there an intelligent and self-controlled being can adjust as desired.
      Anything else is just foolish. Like everything you said.

  7. hey! i’m 13 years old and looking for someone to help me through this 🙂
    i’m not full ana yet, but that’s the end goal.
    right now i’m cutting out all sugar, white bread, pasta and anything over 100 calories
    my email is littlemissskinny.ilyana@gmail.com
    hope to make some new ffriends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


  9. Is this serious? I’m in disbelief! My sister nearly died because of this terrible illness she spent years battling this, while in intensive care, wired up to machines feeding her through tubes to keep her alive!! She had numerous fits, her period completely stopped and she doesn’t know if she will ever have children now. She’s covered in self harm scars , her mental health is unstable and was in rehabilitation for months. You’re all begging each other to lose weight, encouraging each other to starve yourselves! so you can get into the same way my sister was? She was a shell of who I knew, an empty person with no happiness or enthusiasm over life, there was nothing to her anymore, no reaction, no personality. Why are you encouraging this behaviour- you need to get help! I spent months worrying for my sister , crying each night because I thought she might die. Think about what you are doing to your family and friends!
    Starving yourself will not make you lose weight, nor will it help you keep weight off. Temporarily yes , but over time as you increase your food intake again after your “diet” your metabolism will be so slow and the body will be in “starvation mode” And will store all that food as fat and you will be back to square one. Not to mention the harm you are doing to your vital organs, your heart, kidneys – brain and mental health, irreversible effects my sister now has for life.
    120 pounds is NOT fat. Geez! Neither is 150 pounds or 180 pounds. I am sad that people on here feel this way about themselves, why hate your bodies so much? You live on this planet for a limited time, love your bodies and the way you were born. Food is amazing, one of the limited joys in our short lives, why suppress yourself from eating delicious food and trying new cuisines.
    It’s sad because all it takes to lose weight is regular small healthy meals (cleaning eating , carbs, veggies, meat, pulses) , exercise, lots of water and cutting out junk food and most of all patience. I can see that the owner of this blog has encouraged people just to eat fruit all day which is okay I guess but think about the horrible feeling when you have constant diahorrea- not healthy at all.
    Join a gym, befriend a personal trainer, get some gym buddies (rather than “ana buddies”) I can guarantee this is healthier and much , much better for your physical and mental health. Never skip breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner!! Your body needs these 1000+ calories just to function properly without shutting down , eating into your muscle and then storing more fat! Not to mention your vital organs need nutrition too.
    I beg anyone reading this to rethink what they are doing, this is dangerous and my sister had friends on her ward who died because of this. She was one of the lucky ones. Oh and by the way, she put on a lot of weight in recovery because she was finally eating correctly but her metabolism was too slow. But she’s still beautiful and she’s alive which is more important than thigh gaps.
    Sorry if I offend but that is my experience, not as a sufferer but as someone who has seen the worst of anorexia. You say you aren’t encouraging dangerous behaviour but it’s clear to see from the comments below that you are! You should be ashamed.

  10. Hello anas,
    I’m starting an ana group on google hangouts and we have room for lots more people. Everyone is welcome regardless of their age, gender or weight.

  11. Hello, am a student from UAE my project is about anorexia and I want to make interview with one to tall me more about it and and tell me her story with the anorexia if any girls ready she can talk to me via this email thanks. :hudanns121@gmail.com

    • Telling the public about my whole life story including the shitty parts and publicly exposing my anorexia? Hmmm that is a tempting offer but I think I’ll pass.

      • i wish for you to realize your problems are not the center of the universe, there are people who will still love you or be your friend or want to help you even if you take that leap of faith and be honest and tell the truth. You don’t have to live your life hiding and lying, you could be free. One quick pain and the way clear after, or a life path of pain from now on? Each day, each moment is another opportunity to choose to change your life, save yourself. It takes great courage. The first reward is self-respect. There are many others!

  12. This website is CRIMINAL!!! You should be reported to the FBI, and other global authorities. You are seriously damaging people’s lives and even putting people’s lives at RISK!! I for one will start a global petition to take your website down!! And down you will go a thousand times more down than those poor girls that have been badly influenced by you!

    You are an irresponsible person and should be referred to a mental hospital!! Seek Help ANA or whatever your identity is.

    • Woah relax there! There’s much worse sites online for you to worry about. But maybe you shouldn’t go looking if you consider this to be worthy of the FBI’s time.

      • Sites that harm children, like this one, are among the worst. Seems to me to be a worthwhile fight.
        But you’re right, getting worked up at L is pointless, she’s too dead to care.

  13. Hello!
    Ok, who wants to be a liar? Who wants to be sneaky and hurt the people who love them? Who wants to suffer a lot of body problems (not just a little tummy ache, lol!) that may continue for a (shortened) lifetime? Who wants to lose their friends and give up activities? Who wants to go on a trip where you have a 20% chance of dying at the end?


    Then welcome to ana. Your life is now over. You have wasted your potential and become something mainstream society (and common sense) considers wrong; stupid, an object of pity, an example of self inflicted physical abuse.

    There is no beauty or happiness for anas. There is only starvation and failure and death.

    • I’m pretty happy 👍🏻 And some would say I look good too. My life is great so don’t assume everyone here is on the verge of death and hate themselves.

    • 1. It’s actually none of your business, but whatever
      2. I’m anorexic and I’m perfectly happy. I have good grades, friends that mean the world to me and cute as brothers. I just restrict my calories, that’s all. And I’m actually doing my research so that I don’t die.
      Thanks anyway lmao

  14. Hey guys! As you all probably know, L isn’t active anymore. It’s pretty sad but I don’t think she’s coming back. We’ve waited a long time 😦
    However, L gave me the motivation to make my own blog! If you want to check it out, it’s skinnythin.weebly.com . I am working really hard on it so go have a look (I also update daily!)
    Goodbye L, we miss you.

  15. why she isnt active anymore? Maybe something happened to her because of the ana? Ana is dangerous and you wanna look good to be noticed, but if you die you wont be noticed anymore.

  16. Hi, Im Roxana, i saw your site, and I wanted to tell you something. I always liked to look good, and ive also had periods of time when my weight was bigger but with only a few kilos and i have for you some suggestions of loosing more weight by eating low-fat chicken.

    1. Your body is weakened if you follow the diets on your site, and it wants to keep the fat it has and it becomes harder and harder to looose weight. You can loose weight easier by eating chicken and also healthy food, this is how your body will have a very active metabolism and will burn fats much faster. Healthy diets help you loose more weight than the diets on your site. The diets on your site make much harder for your body to loose weight, because being hungry, he wont release the fat he already has, he will stock it.

    2. Exercise may be more effective if you do like this – If you follow the diets on your site, your body will be so weakened that exercise wont be so effective for you because these diets make your metabolism slower, which means it burns fats slower and slower. Much better results happen when your body is healthy nourished and has more energy to work, this is the main key to make the more efficient exercise. I speak as a professional in loosing weight. The best way to make effective exercise is following diets given by professionals that know your height, constitution, and kind and duration of exercise you do. Just try it and see the results. You wont loose anything, you will gain a more active metabolism that burns fats easier, and also health. You can try to eat healthy, chicken, fish, and more than it is said in those diets, and you will see your metabolism will be faster and will burn fats easier, you will have more energy when you exercise and you will not be tired so fast. You dont have to increase the duration of exercise, you can even do less of it, and with better results because of the metabolism that will be faster.

    I also was fitness trainer and i always wanted to both look good and be healthy. I read on your site that being slim is more important than being healthy, but my oppinion is that it is both important to be fit and healthy. You can also burn fats faster than now and be healthy too. You dont need to choose between them because they go together for the best results in burning fats and in being attractive. Attraction is a slim body, but without the long hair and energy of a healthy body that allows you to valorise this slim body, to act in certain ways, to emanate joy that is so sexy, without those, the slim body is less appealing to boys. If you have both slim body and health, you can have it all. Dont be satisfied with just half of it. You can have it all.

    I wondered about something and couldnt find the answer. What is the purpose of being thin if your health does not let you enjoy it like you should? I mean you are skinny and the boys like it, but they dont like that you dont have enough energy to act in a sexy, confident manner because your body is so weakened. You are skinnny and the boys like it, but they also want long healthy hair. Why to cut it when you can have both things?

    You must admit that being fit and skinny is a pro, but also having long hair and enough energy in order to evidentiate your body more. If you have both fit skinny body and health (Health meaning long beautiful hair, energy and self-confidence that is so sexy), you can have it all. Why having just half of it?

    This is my way of thinking and i wanted to say it to you. Because we both like to look good.

  17. ps – why is she not active anymore? Maybe something happened to her because of ana. Ana is dangerous, we all want to be fit in order to be noticed and if you die no one notices you anymore, and it is useless.

  18. I’m starting an Ana group message on kik! Reply with your username and I’ll add you. Daily motivational tips and tricks and a safe space to talk. You can also message me to get added @.addri

  19. Hey! I’m looking for an Ana Coach. I’m 5’3 and 149 pounds. Please be EXPERIENCED. Trolls who only wants pics will be kicked. my kik is cinderluxx

  20. Anorexia is actually quite sad. People are too weak and lazy to eat healthy and exercise the fat off so they choose to just take the “easy” route and starve themselves with a sick mental disorder. honey if you want the boys to notice you, go to the fckin gym

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