If you ever feel like you need to talk or have any questions never hesitate to contact me:

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  1. Looking for an ana buddy
    Cw 171ish (that time of the month tho)
    Gw1 154 (so I’m not overweight anymore)
    Gw2 145
    Gw3 135
    Gw4 125
    Ugw 118 (still consider healthy for my height)
    5’6 19
    Kik me thinlove115
    *remade post cuz put 118 and 18 finger slipped and got ig confused lol*

  2. Hello everyone I just started a personal insperational tumblr I post motivational quotes everyday and also post pics of my progress on there I will post work outs and tips on there if you would like to follow me its called ana-in-progress

  3. VERY VERY STRICT pro Ana master who demands results, this is not for the faint hearted so you have be WARNED!! I will punish and humiliate when I see fit in order to reach your GW!! I will demand live pictures and Skype sessions I love the feeling of having control, so you will be expected to obey me, live kik cam pictures are a must. Also I lost contact with a girl I was coaching from Newcastle-under-Lyme so if your on here add me back please. If your 100% genuine then add me my kik username is uk_scott

    • You sick little pin dick ass fuck. You are lower than the low, a predator upon children and the weak-minded. Somebody should pit the business end of a hammer in the back of your fucking head.
      PS – flagging your post to SY

  4. Looking for a new coach, who’s actually reply back fast (like that day or the next day) and isn’t looking for pictures…. also I live in Canada so pls make sure ur in the same time zone
    Lbs: 95 pounds
    Height: 5’2
    Kik: craze.suda

  5. i am a coach im not as strict as some , but i will def help u out atm im 15 and i weigh in at 38 kg and ill help you reach your goals just reply for my info

  6. Hi, I need an ana coach, I’ve struggled in the past and I just need someone to keep me on track, I’m so disgusting I really need help. Please kik me at dank_grime if you’re interested 🙂

  7. I keep falling back on my diet plan I lost 10 kg so far and I really wanna lose 20 kg more but because people are saying I’ve lost weight, I keep allowing myself to eat thinking that I am fine BUT I AM DISGUSTING!!!

    I need someone to tell me how FAT AND GROSS I am and I will encourage them too in anyway they like.

    Please I am desperate

  8. hey this is the second call up❤️ the pro ana group freeing butterflies is looking for new members !🌸 contact me on kik butterflyprincessa

  9. Hello everyone
    I am one of the admins in a group aimed to help people reach their goals
    There will be rules and will be followed and safety will be our top goal we do not allow
    perverts of any kind.

    if you would like to join please Kik me at Smileryva and I will send you the rules before
    allowing you to join,Thank you

    • They helped you get where you are but they can’t help you back, and they really don’t care, they’re just scared away from dealing with the reality you represent. All you can do is warn others away. See a doctor right away, TELL HIM THE TRUTH, and if you survive FIGHT BACK AGAINST ANA!!!

  10. Does anyone want to be buddies? im 15, 5’2 and am at 100lb looking to get to 90lb. I dont have kik though so email er insta works best.

  11. hey, i need a strict ana coach who can help me keep on track… preferably roughly in the same time zone as Australia – but if you’re not I’m sure it can work 🙂 please help, i really need it
    kik me at mal_help

  12. Hello, I’m looking for a Pro Ana buddy that doesn’t mind me being a little funny and sometimes weird.
    Height: 5’5 or 5’6
    Original Weight:132lbs
    Current Weight: 129
    Starting time:Last Week
    Goal Weight:105lbs
    Contact me if your interested
    I prefer if you contact me on Facebook Facebook Name: Unni Muffers .3.

  13. Hey, I’m looking for a super strict Ana coach who can help me get to my goal, so I’m not a disgusting fatty anymore, and I want the strictest of the strict. There is always so much junk food in my house, and it’s so hard for me not to eat it, which is why I need someone really strict. Plus I’m a really picky eater. Also, if you would be willing to get some diet pills for me, that’d be great. I want to lose this weight as fast as possible. I want to be beautiful.
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 110
    Goal Weight: 80
    My email is

    • Can you say hello world I’m a fucking moron? You’re already thin and weak and no grown person functions at 80 pounds, go that low & if you’re not dead you’re so close it doesn’t much fucking matter – at 80 pounds your body would be living off your muscle mass – heart included.
      Feel sorry for your mum.

  14. Add me on tumblr

    And feel free to message me any time 🙂

    Or you can add me on Instagram 🙂

  15. I am DESPERATE for an Ana buddy 😩

    Please feel free to message me on kik if your interested @muhkenzie__

  16. hi my name is heidi i need a buddy so much….here is my nuber please text me i can help and i need help too…lets loose weight!!!!!

  17. Hey everyone! So I’m starting a water fast if anyone wants to join or if you just need an Ana buddy/someone to keep you on track etc. I also think I’m gonna start 2 group chats (super strict one and the other not so strict) if anyone wants to join them feel free to kik me :Leileiland ☺️

  18. Hello! I’m shelby and I am looking for an ana coach. Someone not too strict, as i am just starting. Hopefully someone who has skype, and someone who replies fast. If you are interested, please email as soon as possible.

  19. I am desperately needing an ana coach or buddy. I am tired of being disgustingly fat and need someone to help keep me in line. Im from the US so preferably in the same time zone, but would love anyone’s help!

  20. I’m already part of a kik group however they all have a time zone difference and I was hoping someone with the same time zone would like to talk, share tips and tricks and just depend on each other? I am staying in the group and don’t plan on leaving it but would like some support that has the same time zone and answers quickly.
    Ill do everything I can to support you as long as you do the same for me.
    Kik me at tiniest.satan.

  21. I’ve really need a coach. Please. I’ve been falling and gaining weight because the people around me are “worried”
    I’m 17 yrs old.
    Cw: 95 lbs
    Gw: 85 lbs

  22. kik me at bonerforbones. I’m a ruthless fucking no holds barred ana coach and pro at BDSM. Do NOT contact me unless you have a Daddy fetish, see yourself as a trash fucking human being, and want to be absolutely tiny and beautiful. You WILL be nude for me, and you WILL fucking do my bidding. I don’t want any wishy washy girls that are fucking anti “pervert,” you will pay me in pussy and being my cunt, and I will turn you into the tiniest bitch on the net. Don’t like it? Simple enough. Don’t contact me. I don’t hide what I am like other coaches. I will use you as much as you use me. Kik me at bonerforbones and I GUARANTEE results.


      He can track people down, he tricks you into telling him stuff – he wants to have sex with skinny young girls and tries to find out where you live.

  23. hi I need an ana buddy asap. I wanna lose a lot and finally be happy with myself and my body. I’m also meeting my long distance boyfriend for the first time in a few months and I REALLY need to be skinny. kik me if interested
    SW: 190ish
    CW: used to be 152, now about 170
    GW1: 145
    GW2: 135
    UGW: 115-120
    I’m 5’7 and 17 years old
    kik: cieerraaxoxo

  24. I’m starting an Ana group with a lot of tips and diets. Feel free to join! No requisites. I’m 92 lb, so I can help you guys. Kik me for informations: BeBaudelaire

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