How I stop myself from eating

Hello ladies,

So recently I’ve been doing something that really works for me and I thought I would share it with you. Every time I’m about to binge or break a fast, I read one of these picture i have saved on my phone. I thought it wouldn’t work but after reading these messages on these pictures, I really feel less hungry and less like eating. I’ll share them in this post and maybe they’ll help some of you. 

Stay strong,

xoxo L

1,436 thoughts on “How I stop myself from eating

  1. if u wanna join a kik ana/mia chat message me on Kik at @valiwreck or message @nickxanthe or @involuntarilyhere , or all three of us !

  2. I think im sick. This isnt a life style its an illness. You fucking retards..if you are just now joining ana or thinking about starving fucking stop. There are so many more ways to spend your day then hiding hunger pain sounds and going through gum like you do thinspo pics. Trust me. I know i have no room to talk but im getring there. Soon this wont be important to you soon you’ll want to reciver but when that day comes you’ll be to far gone. I know none of you will read this and change though because i am one of you! And reading things like this used to make me mad and i wouldnt care. Hell i still dont. But it hurts to want to go back to being happy, warm, and surrounded when all you have is clumos of hair falling out with every pound i drop. I thought this was a life style its not its a disorder. And one day you’ll look back and wished you never clicked this link. Im luck i got to live to see 2017 i was scared ana would take me before i could. But this is all gonna go in one ear and out the next with you. Please..dont let it go to far. You’ll lose friends, hair, trust, love, and yourself. Its not worth a few pounds. Really go ahead and eat. God i wish i did.

    • You still can! Recovery is worth it. You’re right it is a disorder and you can get better. It won’t be easy. It will most definitely be hard and you’ll probably fall again along the way but one day you’ll realize you’ve said yes to eating without freaking out, that you’ve not stepped on a scale, that you’ve not counted your ribs and you’ll know it’s happening that you’re moving towards freedom. Ed kills…I should know it’s taken 3 of my friends all younger than I, one of whom never saw adulthood at all. It also got me. Today I’m blessed to be here and thankful I can chose without that voice telling me I’m not enough cause it lies.

      Please stay strong and reach out to real time help because with help you can make it and thank you for being honest here.

    • Im so tired of being fat, but i dont know how to continue, Im just a sigh of hugging Anna, please help I just want to love the image in the mirror, a thin girl that everyone loves…please help

    • I agree but I won’t change because I’m only 12 and the bullies are all right I’m fat and worthless I self harm but it doesn’t help with my looks. Deep down I know your right but you don’t understand how badly I need this. My mom won’t buy healthier foods so when I get hungry there is only junk food and food you have to cook in Greece I have no other choice. I have no help on eating healthy I excersize everyday, but what’s the point if when u loose some wheight by excersizing u gain it back when u get hungry? I have been left alone to face my weight because my parents don’t seem to care. So since the food in my house is not healthy I can only not eat so I won’t grow up to be over weight.

      Oh and the next u try to make someone change don’t insult them. That’s why no one will listen to you. If your mean about it calling us dumb we will think that you are just another person with an insult. But if u are nicer when u speak to us we will actually take your words into consideration

  3. Hey guys! As you all probably know, L isn’t active anymore. It’s pretty sad but I don’t think she’s coming back. We’ve waited a long time 😦
    However, L gave me the motivation to make my own blog! If you want to check it out, it’s . I am working really hard on it so go have a look (I also update daily!)
    Goodbye L, we miss you.

  4. Hi I need a strict Ana that knows whats she is doing my current weight is 80.9kg which is 178.3lbs, I used to weigh 84.8kgs which is 187.7lbs I am still fat and ugly and I need to really get this disgusting weight off, I only lost 4kgs and that’s not enough. It’s disgusting. If you know how to control me and help me. My kik is @uselesshelp13

  5. Hi I need a strict Ana that knows whats she is doing my current weight is 80.9kg which is 178.3lbs, I used to weigh 84.8kgs which is 187.7lbs I am still fat and ugly and I need to really get this disgusting weight off, I only lost 4kgs and that’s not enough. It’s disgusting. If you know how to control me and help me. My kik is (I changed it) @uselxsshelp13

  6. Needing an ana buddy or coach? Why not try an ana group. We are a group of ana buddies (20 of us) here to help. We’ll make sure you’re on the right track, and you aren’t getting too fat or too skinny. We are looking for 13-17 year olds. You can also meet new supportive ana friends who understand what you’re going through. There is also other new members so you won’t feel out of place 🙂

    In the group we do:
    -Weight Checks every week (so we can keep track of your progress)
    -Share tips and tricks
    -Support each other
    -Motivate each other
    -Share diets
    -Have group fasts

    and other things!
    If you’d like to be apart of this amazing group, contact my kik: xxeclairexx

    Thank you xx

  7. does anyone have any tips for breaking a Plateau?? i’ve been hovering around 109-111 for literally 3 weeks now. i can’t break it. i was losing weight rapidly then it just stopped.

  8. I really need a good, strict, but kind Ana who knows what’s going on. I need to lose weight fast and I can’t do it alone. Contact me on kik: uselxsshelp13

  9. Hey, i NEED an ana couch or group. Cant do this on my own..

    Im a 15 year old girl

    Im 5″4 And 130 pounds

    Please add me on kik: kizmk

  10. Why are people striving to be fucking SKELETONS? I cannot believe that this blog exists, it is disgusting. I never had an eating disorder, but I do suffer from muscle dysmorphia (yes, I’m female). There are so many girls in my school who don’t strive to be fit, they are either runs of lard, or complete skeletons whose raw turkey asses don’t look good in their fucking booty shorts.

    Real women, and even little girls should focus on becoming the best that they can be both physically and mentally, not just how they appear. Being as thin as you promote just makes them USELESS and in the way of everything. Blogs like these make me repulsed at what girls do to other girls.

    This is especially true for girls who are just emerging into their teenage years, as those are the years we are the most insecure about our bodies. I am 16 years old, I know I have to eat a good meal to maintain my body, and I work out to look good and FEEL good. I’ve got guns to show for it. I cannot imagine being deathly thin feels good at all, and if you say so, you’re further denying your problems.

    If I ever see a girl who thinks that she is too thin, and reads blogs like these, I will personally train her hard and MAKE her eat.

    To all the young, impressionable girls AND boys reading this, DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. YOU WILL REGRET IT SO MUCH AND YOU MAY CAUSE IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE.

    To the owner of this blog, fuck you and your blog.

  11. I’ve lost 14 lbs in the last 14 days due to fasting and pill-detox! I started off just eating breakfast, counting the calories and burning them off at the gym. Afterwards I would eat nothing. My stomach hurts at night occasionally and I get a headache here and there. But, it’s worth it. I’m terribly fat and I want to be so skinny people stop and stare in amazement! As of now they stop and stare at my obesity 😣.

  12. Looking for AnaGroup! I’m 23 and I’m so lonely doing it on my own! I’ve been fasting for a week now. Lost 14 lbs within 2 weeks and still not satisfied at all. Help! My Kik is “LKatey” ❤

  13. I need a strict ana buddy. I used to be in control of my cravings but I just got back on my period and the cravings are out of control. I weighed 128 and am back to 134. Help. My kik is @iamprincessthinn

  14. Please ladies, get mental or professional help. This is no way to live and you need to learn how to lose weight in healthy ways or embrace the body you’re given. You’re not fat, you’re not ugly and you deserve far better than a girl trying to tell you that fasting is a realistic means of weight control because it’s is NOT. Please go get help if you need it and find healthy realistic ways to help yourself.


    I have news on L she is dead I’m sorry to say but 3 months ago she had suffered a heart attack due to a blood clot she also was soppedily on concerta ( a adhd med) and suffered from seizers she was found dead in her home next to a bottle of whisky..( It is very sad I know but dont worry I’m gonna make a site for all of you to come to and hopefully do even better there (^_-)-☆

  16. Heeeyyy. If any one would like an Ana Buddy or would like to be put in an active kik group pleaaaseee kik me!!!
    Kik: butterflyanaxxx
    I love you alll
    Love Janey.

  17. what to do I’ve been fat and I can not deal with that as I have to limit food is the best for me I’ll go disgrace meal because we all scoff and taste I feel my brains tell me to eat eat but I do not want’m overweight I want this text is like crying when you watch yourself and want to be poor like you give me tips or advice on how to eat because I did not do anything with it is to rule my brain and mind tells me eat eat eat eat a lot and want to change it and my brain said enough-recessed

  18. Help!!!! I went to the doctor and have low blood sugar and and low etc. They aren’t making me eat high carb foods. Just had a 200 calorie bag of crackers. Feel horrible

  19. I just ate tomato soup and two pieces of bread they both are hurting my stomach so I purged for the first time ever and I want to just sit here and cry but maybe I will go running because I feel like a mental person right now.

  20. Do you think L died? It is just so sad that someone can disappear like that and we wouldn’t even know. I feel so weak without her. I hope she’ll come back, but if not, she must have become an angel, and right now she looks out for all of us from heaven. She really cares about us. We love you L!

  21. If anyone’s in need of help I’m here for you add me on snap and we’ll start asap to get that body you’ve always wannted

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