How I stop myself from eating

Hello ladies,

So recently I’ve been doing something that really works for me and I thought I would share it with you. Every time I’m about to binge or break a fast, I read one of these picture i have saved on my phone. I thought it wouldn’t work but after reading these messages on these pictures, I really feel less hungry and less like eating. I’ll share them in this post and maybe they’ll help some of you. 

Stay strong,

xoxo L

1,436 thoughts on “How I stop myself from eating

  1. I need somebody to help me stay in track. I’m 20. 5’4 and 127 lbs. I can’t get back to it alone anymore I’ve tried and I keep eating. My goal is 90 lbs. I need someone who will be strict with me. My email is

  2. I really need an Ana buddy. Kik me at bmth1975 , no males. I don’t need a strict Ana who asked for pics. That’s kinda eh to me. I just need motivation

  3. Im 20, 5/6, 95libs! Anorexic and proud! But this is bullshit you girls are fucking crazy !!! Hahahaha u only fatass bitches with low self esteem who want boys to like you, well guess what? I disgust boys! All the bones disgust people ! And i learned that the hard way!! Im not going to stop i love myself skinny but if youre doing this for boys or attention or whatever youre a fucking idiot. Nobody likes a sack of bones. This is not 1989.

  4. Hey…
    I have a question…

    ffs if you’re anorexic just fucking stop because anorexia takes more years of your life then being fat.

    • Hey…
      I have a question…


      Anorexia, once it starts, is like an addiction. Could you go up to a heroine addict and tell them to “just fucking stop because it takes more years off their life than not doing it” and expect them to completely stop right then and there?

      How about this: worry about yourself and stop trying to BASH us and put our (already low) self esteem into the dirt, okay? okay.

  5. Hello.. Ive tried a lot of times analifestyle but i never had the motivation to follow through. I need a buddy for motivation and also to motivate them. Ive started my journey about a month ago and have lost 10 lbs.. its not going fast enough i could really use motivation and tips. Im 16, 5’2″ and 158..😩🤢😞 my email is dont hesitate to contact me for any information or if you want to be my buddy!! Thank you so much I can really use the help.. my goal is 110 for now

    • I need motivation too… Ana buddies? Fasting tomorrow because I’m fat. You can’t really start the Ana lifestyle, the Ana lifestyle starts you.

  6. Hey, i am just wondering, are there any guys on here? if so, i will help you through it. you may not want to comment for embarrassment but you do not have to be concerned because you are male. I am gender fluid, and pansexual, i understand how it can be stressful, but if any of you guys (including girls to obvi.) need help, i am here. email me at

  7. I binged…on fatty food. I don’t have control over what’s in my house cause I younger and reeces are kinda my trigger “food” (yeah they aren’t food and are full of fat). I ate about 6 mini ones before I could regain control, my mom made me eat one. Ugh I’m so fat right now tomorrow/rest of today and probably longer are fasting days.

  8. Hi, I’m looking for an Ana buddy, because I’ve tried before to follow the Ana lifestyle, but I’m really having a hard time. I’m 15, 5′ 1″ and 100lbs. My goal right now is 80, but I want to go lower in the long term. Please please please email me at if you wanna be buddies. (sorry, I don’t have kik or anything else, my parents are strict about that)

  9. Hey Ladies, I was hoping to get some support as well, I have printed off a few of your notes to keep in my wallet so I can read them everyday. I have really let myself go after a bad relationship and am really fat, need to kick start the new year being skinny and happy 🙂

  10. Just think of how beautiful you will look in the future, all the guys will constantly keep whispering of how thin you are, the girls will envy you, you will feel great and you will LOOK THIN. Come on girls, you can do it!! If you are hungry then drink a bottle of water, or eat an apple and then go to the bathroom and boom, out of your body now.
    Keep in mind you will look thin, great, fantastic, hot, and sexy.
    It might be hard in the beginning but it get easier later. YOU CAN DO IT!!

  11. Is all this really worth it when you’ll never really be fully happy with yourself? You’ll always want to be that little bit skinnier, lose that extra few pounds. But guess what hun? Ana will never be happy until youre dead. You’re never going to be enough for ana, it’ll take away from you bit by bit until there’s nothing left of you, and I don’t just mean body fat. I mean your lucious hair, your vibrant skin, your enthusiasm, experiences, your life! These pictures in this website, these apparently “desirable” bodies is not anoreia. Real anorexia is brittle bones, pale and dull skin, gross thin hair, feeling lethargic, and pushing away those who try to help until there’s no one left, including yourself. Ana is not a god, it is not some holy goal that will make you perfect or special. The truth if it is you are depriving your body and wasting your life. As someone who struggled with ana for many years, I can tell you that the happiest time in my life and the most love I have felt for my body was when I said “BYE BITCH” to ana. Once it had fucked right out of my life, I actually began to live and think the way I want to, not what anorexia told me to. The cold hard fact of it is that the creator of all these tips, rules, and “commandments”, the ones that you are probably following, was killed by her own preaching. She was killed by ana.

  12. I really wanna stick to a strict eating plan and exercise but I’m only 16 and my family doesn’t usually have very healthy dinners, how does everyone get past this? I’m also curious about what everyone’s typical daily exercises are, any info would be helpful to assist me reaching my goal!

  13. Hi i’m 16 years old 5’4 and looking for an ana buddy. I used to be bulimic but found it did not work for me, and have been off and on ana for a while but never had enough motivation. I am bored of being fat and since its the new year I have decided that this is my last chance or I shall never loose weight. Please contact and help me!!!! email:

  14. Hi I’m 14 and looking to loose my fat, it’s disgusting. My Kik is AlienFace. I need a coach and I will do anything necessary to become skinny again

  15. My sister almost DIED of anorexia a few years ago, do you realize how devastated we would have been if she had died? Do you realize how sad we were for her, when we saw how anorexia was slowly ruining her life? The life of my beloved sister. Do you girls realize how dangerous anorexia is, and how beautiful you all are just the way you are?? I don´t even know you, but i really care about you!
    Please stop this, please!

  16. Please for the love of God.If you want to lose weight consult it with your DOCTOR.Make sure It’s safe.If you just starve yourself you’re going to achieve nothing.Starving isn’t the way to a happy,healthy and toned body.You are promoting eating disorders.

  17. Hi there,

    I don’t think I should be on this site but somehow I ended up here. I have had my eating disorder for a couple years now and I am torn between recovery and giving in. I know how dangerous this is, and I’m scared for what my future holds. I know this is supporting Ana, but does anyone have any tips on reaching out for help?


    • Hey, K. I feel the same way. I have struggled with an eating disorder for many years now and I know how detrimental it is for me and my health. And yet last week I found myself on this site, which I know is super dangerous for me, as it is for you. Please please please email me. I would love to talk to you and hopefully help you get the help you need. Email me at ❤ -Carenna

  18. I need an ana buddy really bad. Idc who you are unless you are over the age of 20 and the only way i can reach you is by kik. If you wish to start helping eachother out then kik me @need.ana.buddies. I really need someone that is willing to keep me motivated. (Im a 14 year old female). No creeps alowed :).

  19. im 24 4′ 11″ at 176 lbs life has been hitting bad I am very active and a vegan why am I not loosing weight. I want to be skinny I want to feel something.. its a new year I want to do this someone please help me email me at

  20. Please someone help me I am so fat I had lost 6 stone (84lb) in the 3 months leading up to the holidays but due to family watching and making me eat I know Ive put on don’t know how much as I’m frightened to get on scales, My UGW is 90 lbs I need a a a buddy to keep me on track.

    I don’t have kik but my email is I want someone if not around my age (44) at least someone over 25, I have asked for help before and had a couple of emails but I reply and they haven’t replied back.

    Please please someone help me

  21. Hi, so I actually found this site from a YouTube video and just checked it out because it was suppose to be creepy (?) But I think the people who made the video missed the point of this site.

    My name is Kate and I’m 17. I am 5’3″ and weigh 160. I find myself disgusting and what to go back to the old me when I was in 7th grade. At that time, I was the same height (lol so sad) and only weighed 118 because I was tired of being the fat girl so I exercised almost all day and only allowed myself 3 handfuls of goldfish crackers a day. (Carbs are kinda what I love)

    Since 7th grade I’ve gained a lot of weight and hate myself for it. How can I start getting back at it? If you have any ideas, please email me.

  22. I really need an Ana buddy. I feel like no one understands what I’m feeling and they don’t know how to help me. I think lAna is my only option. But I can’t do it alone!

  23. This is something I do as well. I have a whole bunch of them on my phone, and I looks at them just before I eat. I’ve struggled with bulimia in the past, but it never gave me the satisfaction I was looking for. I felt awful every time. I prefer to control my diet. I’m 5′ 5″ and 178 lbs. You can make fun of me all you like because of my weight, but now that I’ve found Ana, and my motivation, I hope to reach my goal weight, which is 110 lbs for now.

    You can email me at if you need to talk. I don’t bite.

    • Hi, I’m a mum to a 16year old girl. She has just spent Christmas in hospital because she is starving herself. Her ugw is 36kg. That is near death. She looks skeletal, and had lost all sense of who she is, all she thinks about is food. Constantly. She used to be a great student, getting A’s and B’s for all her subjects. Now she has missed most of year 11 and lots of year 10. Seek help from anyone as soon as you can. Do not let ‘ana’ (or let’s give it the real name shall we?) ANOREXIA dominate your life. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN SKIN AND BONES. Talk to someone today. A teacher. A friend. Your parents. Tell them you have this problem. Seek help now or you will be another victim of ANOREXIA.
      PLease feel free to contact me too.
      I don’t know you, but I want to help.
      Love, amber.

      • Thank you for posting this. I wish all the best to your daughter who had to spend the holiday in the hospital. I am 16 as well, and this was the first holiday I have spent with my family in the past three years due to anorexia. Anorexia is a terrible mental illness, but there is always hope. I am doing much better now, and I will pray that your daughter can soon say that same. It does not take strength to have an eating disorder; it takes strength to overcome it. ❤

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