How I stop myself from eating

Hello ladies,

So recently I’ve been doing something that really works for me and I thought I would share it with you. Every time I’m about to binge or break a fast, I read one of these picture i have saved on my phone. I thought it wouldn’t work but after reading these messages on these pictures, I really feel less hungry and less like eating. I’ll share them in this post and maybe they’ll help some of you. 

Stay strong,

xoxo L

1,013 thoughts on “How I stop myself from eating

  1. Dammmmnnnn. I’m all for being healthy,but to the creator of this blog, most of your commenters seem to be early teen girls. Whatever choice you make as an adult are one thing, but to encourage children into a proven unhealthy lifestyle is cruel. Also why don’t you also post the negative effects of anorexia? There are many. Not a lot of ppl find baldness and yellow teeth attracine, no matter how skinny you are. Also if you find someone who does, the fact infertility is another sympton kinda sucks no? Or bone loss . . I mean nothing sexist than osteoporosis, amirite?

    • I think maybe you need to try and understand that this is a disease and a disorder you are talking about and the teen girls you are referring to are just trying to find other people who feel the same way about themselves so they don’t feel as alone.

  2. To all the people posting hate comments I wanted to say I understand Anorexia is not the right way to lose weight but you aren’t helping at all by being so rude in order to help someone you must first understand them and why they chose this you can’t just start offending them and wish they feel bad and stop but after all the reason they are doing this is because they feel bad about themselves.

  3. Why do you think you are fat you’re not, if you don’t eat you WILL die. You are sick please seek help, everybody on this website seek help if you have ana it is a mentaal disorder you are NOT fat you are the only one that thinks you are fat. Weighing only 150 pounds that is insane and so bad for your health. This blog is a disgrace. Don’t listen to any of the crap this persoon tells you. Please

    • Lol weighing “only” 150 lbs is bad for your health? Not at all. Not encouraging anorexia but depending on your height and age 150 lbs could be considered overweight! I weigh 125 and I’m healthier than ever, following a healthy diet and exercise, with a few more pounds to go. You’re probably fat.

  4. HELLO! I’m looking for ana buddy aged 14-16💜I’m 14 years old girl from finland if u wanna be my anabuddy PLEASE contact me on snapchat @ ellen_stellaa

  5. Im looking for an ana buddy around 16-18. Im 17. 5’3 and 140 lb. i want someone to talk to plan diets and workout schuedles with. Someone who wants to txt and motivate each other daily. Kik me if ur intrested ( mewkitty1999 )

  6. I used to look at that web not much tho
    I was bulimic I was doing good then got caught got my mum on my back all the time gained weight since I stopped purging so now ima try Ana hopefully she’s better than Mia
    Thanks for the web Xxx
    Btw I’d like to talk to other girls like me so I don’t feel so alone and same bout them, my kik is adriana670

    • adriana, trust me. you could be so happy. not a lot of girls know that they are bulimic or anorexic. You are blessed to know or “think you know”. see a psychologist. she’s the only help you need. you’ll be better than ever.

  7. hi I’m K and I want to lose weight , I’m 13 yrs old, 5 ft 2 in. and 125lbs.i have lost about 5 lbs. but finding it hard to keep the weight off but finding it hard to be motivated. my sister calls me fat and my mom thinks I’m a healthy weight for me it is not my doctor has even told me so. I want to be anorexic with my overall being 95 lbs. I want to be conifident and feel good about myself and this is my way of ding it. please no hate .looking for a mentore and friend please contact me at people ages 13-19 yrs old . love you girls xxxx

  8. I wish you would come back! Ive started the ana life style! Youre a big inspiration!

    Btw I am looking for a Ana buddy! Im F, 16 years old and you can message me on Kik my username is PompousPomeranian

  9. I need to starve and I want a strict 24/7 ana buddy who can help me do this,, I need someone to be my own butterfly ana send me meanspo and thinspiration all the time I literally can do this cos I’ve already lost 10kg but the thing is that I need someone to motivate me and help me achieve my goal please hit me if you’re on this

  10. Hey anybody want to be Ana buddys preferably ages 13-16, im currently 13 years old 5’6 and im 140lb i just want someone to talk to as i go thru this so i dont end up stopping and stuffing my face

  11. I hate myself I hate the way I look trying something on each time I eat I feel 10 pounds fatter and I just want to lose weight

  12. Anyone want to be Ana buddies or an Ana coach? I need to lose weight, also if anyone is in a group chat in Kik add me please! Kik: analisa_smith

  13. Ana buddis forever, none of the words from people who are determined to tell us how disgusting we are for what we do can hurt us. Whats more disgusting is not being in control of your body. Keep strong and drink water!❤

    • what you’re doing is not’s cruel and ignorant. There’s a difference between being in safe control and controlling in the way you’re doing it. you know why ? cause like this, someday, you’ll completely lose control.

  14. Hello. I’ve recently decided to come back to ana. I need a bit of help and I would like an ana buddy. My stats are the following;
    Age: 14
    Height: 5″3
    Weight: 95 (I have no scale but I was previously 90 so I’m assuming around 95 now)
    Goal: 75
    Weaknesses: I’m a night binger. I also get depressed quite often and stop eating but I also have no motivation to exercise so it cuts both ways
    People living on the west coast are preferred
    Please kik me @noctema if you’re interested.
    And let it be known if you’re a pedophile I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know, I have connections.

    • The only help you need is a nutritionist and a psychologist’s help. trust me. none of the people here will help you in the right way.

    *I don’t know if you girls know this but by starving yourself – not eating- for a certain time, you’ll sooner or later get to a point where you crack. You’ll be 5x as hungry and u’ll eat 5x the quantity that you would’ve ate if you didn’t starve yourself. Your plan would go all wrong.
    *You don’t have to starve yourself in order to be skinny and confident.Don’t be so hard on yourself this is cruelty. In order to love yourself you destroy and torture yourself? Then you’re not aiming to love yourself and you’ll never do.
    *The girls who write in this blog are fooling themselves and are fooling you. How can you take the advice of a girl who isn’t professional : she’s not a doctor nor a dietitian nor a psychologist. She doesn’t even know you.. she doesn’t care if she’s hurting you or not. Come On . You are smarter than that. And you , the writer of the blog… stop being so cruel to yourself… why are you so harsh on yourself.. if you need help just ask someone.
    *Girls, If you have the will to starve yourself all day, then you sure have the will to see a dietitian and get to your dream weight in a good, not cruel, not unconsciously *death causing*, and a lot easier way. you could eat everything you love, in measurable quantities and still get to your ideal weight and feel confident and be happy and not suffer ALL THE TIME. you can do it in a easier way. Why hurt yourself.
    *Don’t do this to yourself. Trust me. You don’t have to do it this way. You won’t realise that you’re killing yourself now. You’ll only realise it when the physical symptoms of dying will be visible on your body,… but it will be too late. Be smart.

  16. And to the girls who see themselves fat, but to who people always say they’re not and they should stop getting skinnier, please see a psychologist… It’s not your fault. This is urgent.

  17. I’m here because of people who constantly call me fat, my girlfriend is skinny and I feel terrible to look at her and think that I’m fat.. My own cousin called me fat today.I’m 11 and I weigh 7 stone,Is that bad? I always feel like conmittin suicide because it feels like bullying, I mean I want to have a bit of fat but I ABSOULUTLY HATE MY WEIGHT!!!!! What is an 11 year old supposed to weigh?!?!??? : ‘(

  18. I lost 7 pounds in one week not by starving myself but by eating right and working out everyday! The reason you girls will not lose weight is because you want to see results NOW but are not willing to put in the work… Starve yourselves all you want you WILL end up gaining all that weight back and more. How bout instead of being lazy all of you put in more work for your dream body. Sitting around crying and starving yourselves because you’re not skinny won’t help you. I guarantee you if you just follow a healthy diet you will see results! But don’t expect to see results in a matter of days. You will be losing the weight, it might not seem like it to you, but your friends and family will notice the difference and gradually, you will too. To the people with ED please get help, this is not a healthy way to live your life!


  20. If you are seeking help, and are finally tired of not being the true you, read my blog about my journey with an Eating Disorder and how I overcame it. Trust me, life with an Eating disorder is no life at all, it is a nightmare that you live everyday.. One day you will wake up and want it to change, That will be there greatest day of your life. Free of ED! Strong strong! ED’s can kill.

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