Looking Good 

Dear Skinny Ladies,

When was the last time you didn’t buy something because you looked fat in it? Most people can say pretty recently. Trying on a cute dress in a store and realizing it just doesn’t look good on you because it’s clinging to your fat thighs or stomach. There’s this idea of perfection, looking perfect, always in the back of your mind. That’s the reason we do it. Or at least one of the major ones. So your daily dose of inspiration… It will be worth it. To see an outfit in a store and be able to just buy it. To buy something online and not even have to try it on, you’ll just know it looks good. To take a billion Instagram photos in your new hot bikini on spring break. To look good in anything. Stay strong babies, and you will get there! 

xoxo L

123 thoughts on “Looking Good 

  1. My sister nearly died because of this terrible illness she spent years battling this, while in intensive care, wired up to machines feeding her through tubes to keep her alive!! She had numerous fits, her period completely stopped and she doesn’t know if she will ever have children now. She’s covered in self harm scars , her mental health is unstable and was in rehabilitation for months. You’re all begging each other to lose weight, encouraging each other to starve yourselves! so you can get into the same way my sister was? She was a shell of who I knew, an empty person with no happiness or enthusiasm over life, there was nothing to her anymore, no reaction, no personality. Why are you encouraging this behaviour- you need to get help! I spent months worrying for my sister , crying each night because I thought she might die. Think about what you are doing to your family and friends!
    Starving yourself will not make you lose weight, nor will it help you keep weight off. Temporarily yes , but over time as you increase your food intake again after your “diet” your metabolism will be so slow and the body will be in “starvation mode” And will store all that food as fat and you will be back to square one. Not to mention the harm you are doing to your vital organs, your heart, kidneys – brain and mental health, irreversible effects my sister now has for life.
    120 pounds is NOT fat. Geez! Neither is 150 pounds or 180 pounds. I am sad that people on here feel this way about themselves, why hate your bodies so much? You live on this planet for a limited time, love your bodies and the way you were born. Food is amazing, one of the limited joys in our short lives, why suppress yourself from eating delicious food and trying new cuisines.
    It’s sad because all it takes to lose weight is regular small healthy meals (cleaning eating , carbs, veggies, meat, pulses) , exercise, lots of water and cutting out junk food and most of all patience. I can see that the owner of this blog has encouraged people just to eat fruit all day which is okay I guess but think about the horrible feeling when you have constant diahorrea- not healthy at all.
    Join a gym, befriend a personal trainer, get some gym buddies (rather than “ana buddies”) I can guarantee this is healthier and much , much better for your physical and mental health. Never skip breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner!! Your body needs these 1000+ calories just to function properly without shutting down , eating into your muscle and then storing more fat! Not to mention your vital organs need nutrition too.
    I beg anyone reading this to rethink what they are doing, this is dangerous and my sister had friends on her ward who died because of this. She was one of the lucky ones. Oh and by the way, she put on a lot of weight in recovery because she was finally eating correctly but her metabolism was too slow. But she’s still beautiful and she’s alive which is more important than thigh gaps.
    Sorry if I offend but that is my experience, not as a sufferer but as someone who has seen the worst of anorexia. You say you aren’t encouraging dangerous behaviour but it’s clear to see from the comments below that you are! You should be ashamed.

  2. Ok I just want to say this, my little sister went to this website and just 2 days later she nearly died, why would anyone want to become anorexit? It harms the blood, muscles, and the brain. It harms the blood and muscles by not eating enough, and it harms the mind because it tells you don’t have to eat when you do. If you on with this horrific diet your bones will start to be fragile, you can die easily, and you can’t do much activities without getting hurt somehow.

  3. I need help in losing weight I am currently on the abc diet and I need a ana buddy. Only girls plz contact me on kik: uselxsshelp13

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