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Hello ladies, 

I saw this image today and felt like it was something I wanted to rant about. Since when has accomplishing something been a reason to eat more? Seriously, like the picture says we are not dogs who reward ourselves with treats. It makes me so annoyed because whenever something good happens and people want to celebrate, they want to with food.

Food isn’t the way to reward yourself for good accomplishments. Buying a new outfit in a size smaller, now that’s a way to reward yourself. So if I accomplish something great, you’ll find me in the nearest urban outfitters not scarfing down a fucking tray of cupcakes. I advise you do the same.

Stay strong! 

xoxo L

106 thoughts on “Thoughts of the day 

  1. Well said L, cheers to that!
    To expand your community join Ana Babes on kik. Can’t find us? List your kik and I’ll add you🙂

  2. Hi L.
    I’m M and I’ve gained 3 kgs, and I use to be a supporter of Ana… I then betrayed her for food… Please help me, how do I get back on tract.. I need to lose the weight fast! But I can’t because my parents are strict.. What do I do? How do I increase my will power?

  3. Hi my names Miranda and I just stopped eatting last night at 12:00am and stopped drinking juice at 2:00am and I honestly would love to know some tips so I don’t break to the urge of hunger I am 13 years of age and have done this before and find it makes my appetite smaller and smaller everytime I did happen to eat but I wanna drop food out of my life please message me on kik my kik is This_Is_A_Dark_Place and I would honestly really like for someone to help me though this lifestyle cause I really do need to lose weight

    • You need food. You are wayyy to young to worry about ur weight, but since you are healthier cut out the junk food most people usually go to first because it’s easy. You can be skinny and still eat please listen to what I am saying. Stay strong eat some fruit

    • Miranda please stop!!! Everyome’s body is different, so it is normal to think you are fat now and then. I used to think i was fat when I was your age because I have more of a built frame. But I wasnt. My daughter DIED listening to proana sites. Please, PLEASE leave this site!!

  4. I just want to say something to everyone on this site, I used to follow this blog I was skinny but wanted to be skinnier. I was wrong. Who the he’ll wants to be supper skinny by not eating? I lost my ass and my boobs. To beskinny nd still have both those things start working out, go running eat fruits and vegetables. Get skinny in a healthy way, not in way that could turn into a horrible habit like it did for me nd it turned into an everyday fight. If ur chunky nd want to lose weight go for it. But take care of yourself in the process I love you all even tho I don’t know you. So be strong and eat some fruit😉

  5. Can you make posts like this every day? Or more than once a day? I find them so motivating. Also, do you Ana buddy with your followers? I love your blog… I visit every day; it’s my main motivation. xoxo M

  6. I’m in desperate need of an ana buddy my old one hasn’t txt me back for two days and I think she gave up on me. Txt me at 501-514-7189

  7. This website is absolutely disgusting, your helping people kill themselves
    Girls and boys please don’t listen to this I struggled with anorexia get help it’s worth it to be free from this disease

  8. Hi beautiful ladies, is there a Facebook group been created? Id love to get in touch with all of you!
    If there’s no Facebook group how can I be added into a group to talk to you all:)

    • Are you fucked!!!! Starving yourself gets you know where!!! Learn how to live a healthy strong lifestyle!Skinny in a coffin is not so hot!!!!

      • Don’t listen to that fat ass.

        Ok first things first, don’t fast right away because that isn’t gonna be pleasant for you. Cut off 100 (150 if your daily calorie intake is larger than 1,700) calories every week. If you’re gonna fast take vitamins otherwise you’ll faint. And make sure it’s not a busy week because your gonna be…pooping a lot lol. It’s not possible to stop eating completely so if you do eat, eat like celery or some other veggie. And remember to drink lots of water, I DO NOT suggest drinking ANY soda (or pop idk what they call it in your country sorry) because that stuff is dangerous.

        And don’t forget VITAMINS take them. There are usually ones specified for your gender and/or age. This website also has some tips.

        And DO NOT take laxatives because they only remove water weight, not actual fat and they can also ruin your colon.


    • And if anyone starts calling me fat I’m a 6 foot 2 16 year old weighing in at 11 stone 7 with a 6 pack and lean body fat so don’t starve your self, eat well train well. You will be seriously I’ll by starvation!

      • Lmao, cause that’s what you do, put down a group of people who already feels worthless. Its your type of judgment that fucks people up in the first place.

        And you know you’re wrong, otherwise you wouldn’t have felt to a) comment a secobd time with a MUCH different ‘supportive’ tone, and b) defend your weight when no one can even see you. jesus, that scared and insecure you have to put in your height and a few sentences explain yourself to the STRANGERS YOU’RE PUTTING DOQN LOL… you’re just like us. I wonder what words you typed in the search bar that even got you here.

        You should look up the word empathy, and write the definition about a million times so maybe it will stick to that fuckboy head of yours.

    • Your goal weight is still a healthy weight, which is a good thing! You really don’t need the help of anyone on this site, they may pressure you to keep losing and push you into an unhealthy obsession. You are strong enough to do this on your own, you are smart enough to know what a healthy weight it, and I know you are good enough to leave this site and reach your goals on your own terms in a health way!

  10. Made an instagram with tips and thinsperation. Follow me @proannalifestyle6 or if you want one on one help, message me on kik: proannalifestyle

  11. This is some fucked up shit. Poision for the minds of the young. There are people who are replying here that are 15. Shame on you for promoting a disorder.

  12. Hey ana/mia buddies. I am in need of one. And I wouldrank like someone around the same as me.
    Weight is 195
    Height is 5 ft 6in
    Goal weight is 130 and then less when it goes on.
    My age is 18.
    Anyone who is similar to me can message me on kik @Beskinnyminnie
    Instagram drowning__alive (make sure you use two underscores for my username)
    Anyways in need. Thanks

  13. Hey ana/mia buddies. I am in need of one. And I wouldrank like someone around the same as me.
    Weight is 195
    Height is 5 ft 6in
    Goal weight is 130 and then less when it goes on.
    My age is 18.
    Anyone who is similar to me can message me on kik @Beskinnyminnie
    Instagram drowning__alive (make sure you use two underscores for my username)
    Anyways in need. Thanks !!

  14. What can I do to start out & loose weight fast. I need to loose as much as 10kg in 2 weeks if possible. Any suggestions would help

  15. I love how blunt and realistic you are. So many proana blogs still skirt around the bare facts that hurt. I never realized it but holy shit, everything is based on food. When people are sad, happy, aging, even landing a job. We go eat…..just to taste that shit….we do something good, then we stimulate our taste buds. I have never felt more pathetic, and more encouraged. I love your blog. Thank you!!

  16. I’m sorry to say this but this is one horrible site this website is making normal weight people become anorexic because “normal” is fat and this website is so insulting calling me a dog cause I eat I’m sorry how I meant to survive? You don’t have to starve yourself to have the “perfect body” you can make healthier options like eating healthy and excersing to a certain level instead of fasting yourself all day you can hate me all you like for saying but I’m just trying save you from nearly killing yourself and becoming depressed and to love how you look instead hating your body.

    • it really sucks that we cant remove this website alltogether… its like an alcaholic encouraging you to drink when you also have a problem… this will sadly never stop.

  17. Age:14
    Looking for a ana buddy or coach maybe a pro ana group? Reach me on kik at kittenqueenary

  18. Hello; I’m in need of an ana buddy/coach. My current stats are
    A: 14
    H: 5’3
    HW: 95
    CW: 90
    GW: 80
    UGW: 76

    I am currently consuming 700 Calories a day and lowering that my 100 calories each week. I eat normally for 6 days of the week and fast on the 7th. It is currently 11:37 Am as I am writing this. Please take advantage of the timestamp on this comment to see of we are in similar timezones. I live in the West Coast of the U.S.

    If you’re interested please contact me @noctema Be warned that I will be checking for perverts, and if I find out you happen to be one I’ll make sure to let everyone know.

  19. I like food…. But I’m not a dog. We are human so we need food to stay alive. Hey, please don’t follow these instructions to Anorexia. This sickness/disease is very harmful to your body. Anorexia is very hard to cure and this sickness may be fatal. You can reward yourself with food but not too much. If you want to get slim and healthy, just be yourself and exercise more. You can eat whatever you want. Pancakes, muffins, candy, cake… Just don’t starve yourself.🙂

  20. I wrote it on the wall by my bed, so I read it when I wake up. These words hit me, I had never realized that my family had conditioned me to behave like a dog. I’m Italian, for my family food was the only response: you celebrate, you get food, you’ve got a problem, you get food, you did well, you get food, you’re sad, you get food, you won, you get food. Nightmare!

  21. This is equivalent to using heroin. You do it knowing that it’ll ruin your life, but you still do it. You’re addicted & it’s ruining your health, family, friendships, love life, job, teeth, hair, skin. Yet you still do it. Knowing all of this.

    I better not EVER hear one of you bash a junkie not even ONCE because you are the equivalent. Only difference is atleast heroin gets you high, so strangely enough it actually makes more sense. Get help. All of you.

  22. Hey, you’ve inspired me a lot! And what you say is completely true, but i need help. My brother and dad are suspecting something since I haven’t eaten a full meal (I have like a quarter of an apple infront of them so they don’t think of anything, then throw it up) in over 2 weeks. They sit at the table and wait for me to finish! What do I do? 😨😢

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