Thoughts of the day 

Hello ladies, 

I saw this image today and felt like it was something I wanted to rant about. Since when has accomplishing something been a reason to eat more? Seriously, like the picture says we are not dogs who reward ourselves with treats. It makes me so annoyed because whenever something good happens and people want to celebrate, they want to with food.

Food isn’t the way to reward yourself for good accomplishments. Buying a new outfit in a size smaller, now that’s a way to reward yourself. So if I accomplish something great, you’ll find me in the nearest urban outfitters not scarfing down a fucking tray of cupcakes. I advise you do the same.

Stay strong! 

xoxo L

126 thoughts on “Thoughts of the day 

  1. Does someone have an apple ID to text me at my parents sent me to recovery and I’ve gained 30 lbs in a year I want to be back to how I was at 98 lbs

  2. I’m overweight. I have asthma and sleep apnea. This weight gain began when I turned 40 and entered early menopause. I was seriously considering this lifestyle as a way to get back to the weight I used to be until I read the self-abusive post and the “are you a dog?” post. And I realized there has to be another way, a rational way. And I put back up my pictures of overweight celebrities, like Ginny Goodwin, who is beautiful and demonized for not being skinny. I want to thank you for bringing me back to my senses. I’m not weak because I don’t have your devotion to self-abuse and your ability to withstand what must be terrible hunger. I’d rather be “fat” and sick than live this nonsense and I despise the media that shows too many Ariana Grandes and too few Ginny Goodwins. I’m sorry for you that you got fooled into this community of sick people supporting sick people, but I’m just going to work on a healthier diet and working out in my house if I have to. This Ana business is messed up and wrong. Any lifestyle that encourages you to talk down to yourself in a way you wouldn’t talk to a friend is messed up. I’d rather be fat than call myself names. I’d rather have sleep apnea. I guess you’d rather have the unhealthy side effects of your Ana lifestyle. Both of us need professional help to deal with our weight. I’m willing to admit it.

  3. If giving myself a little treat makes me a dog, then yeah; I’M A DOG! Believe in yourself, there is nothing more beautiful than believing in yourself. No matter what you think about yourself don’t hurt your body! Just stick to what you love! 🙂 Please stop hurting your self esteem, if not for yourself; for someone you love! 🙂

  4. My sister almost DIED of anorexia a few years ago, do you realize how devastated we would have been if she had died? Do you realize how sad we were for her, when we saw how anorexia was slowly ruining her life? The life of my beloved sister. Do you girls realize how dangerous anorexia is, and how beautiful you all are just the way you are?? I don´t even know you, but i really care about you!
    Please stop this, please!

  5. L, thank you so much for this most blogs are rly dark and try to hide the fact that there Ana etc but I’m proud you seem proud so again ty cuz reading threw this is helping I’m gunna do it I’m going to reach my goal ! So in summer I can go to the festival I go to each year I can sit in shorts without feeling gross I can where crop tops and not suck in when wearing jeans I can be pretty I can be thin xxxty

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