Thinspo Crush of the Week: Alexis Ren

Dear skinny bitches,

Someone reuqested a new thinspo post so I happily obliged 🙂 I know most of us are guilty of stalking this skinny starlet on Instagram and wishing we had her thigh gap or skinny arms. Wouldn’t our lives be so much easier if we were thin and boys like jay were attracted to us? Keep strong ladies. This could be you soon.  

I love her skinny arms 

   Stay strong. Starve on.
xoxo L

105 thoughts on “Thinspo Crush of the Week: Alexis Ren

  1. Ok I’m just saying this from my brothers perspective “You are so skinny it looks unhealthy” that didn’t come out of my mouth it came out of his.

    Ps. Stop killing and tourtureing yourself

  2. Oh this is so disgusting – little girls starving themselves and then trying some glam to look older and – even more disgusting – trying to look sexy. Like starving crack whores on a street corner!
    Hope I’m not your crush ladies, because there’s no way I’m ever going to want a woman who is just skin and bones and obsessed with not eating. Normal happy guys like normal happy partners.
    And no, I’m not fat. I run track at school.

    • First of all, there is no such thing as “normal” everyone is independent and unique in their own way. And how dare u call these girls crack whores. It’s the ignorance of people like u that make these mental health issues worth. Who said they were doing it to impress u anyway? Yeah, maybe u do run track but yr personality already sticks of shit. Before u comment any further, maybe think first, get yr facts straight and then think how yr comments are going to affect others

  3. Not healthy its horrible 100lbs feeling weak and dizzy all the time. Have you every had a fat lady look you in the eye and say, wow you are way to skinny? Ever comeback with a comment wow your to fat and unhealthy?
    I did. To be honest I got sick of this lady constantly making remarks like wow your arms are like sticks! Or those legs look like they will snap! I always looked at her thinking geez I’m better of then you bitch. I made the comment to her, your to fat and unhealthy!
    She looked me up and down and laughed in my face. Are you kidding she asked? You think your more healthy then me?
    I felt really intimidated by her, but I answered yes I think I might be.
    She challenged me then and there, ok she replied lets meet at a certain park where she walks twice a week? Ok I said. To be honest I was a bit worried but not too much, so I met up with her at lunchtime next day.
    It was a very hot day out, I struggle with the heat, but thought I would still show her who’s fitter. It was a tough walk steep paths and very hot, to my surprise she was going great. About half way through I started getting weak in the legs sweating and feeling a little dizzy. I had to stop for a rest and drink some water.
    She stopped and looked strait at me, she was also sweating like crazy it was hot out, are you done she asked? I could hardly look her in the eyes, no I just need a small rest.
    I only made it about another 20min and I was done! Beat, exhausted. I had to ask her to stop? It was so hard for me. I couldn’t believe she beat me so bad. She looked at me puffing and sweating, and said I new I would beat you, when you stopped for that rest you looked pale and weak, I new then I would get you. I didn’t know what to say I felt so sad.
    I new she was stronger than me, but I didn’t think she would beat me soooo bad at the walking, I just had nothing left in me to fight her with and she new it. She had the fat for stored energy to burn, over 200lbs of it. I had nothing but 100lbs of skin and bones.
    She proved to me that day that being anorexic skinny is worst that being overweight.

  4. Natural is beautiful ladies…Whatever is natural for you. Trying to be someone else or achieve their body diminishes your light. Trust me. I have been there. You will never be as beautiful as when you truly embrace yourself… Who you are right at this moment. Self-confidence and self realization beats skinny hands down!

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