Thinspo Crush of the Week: Alexis Ren

Dear skinny bitches,

Someone reuqested a new thinspo post so I happily obliged🙂 I know most of us are guilty of stalking this skinny starlet on Instagram and wishing we had her thigh gap or skinny arms. Wouldn’t our lives be so much easier if we were thin and boys like jay were attracted to us? Keep strong ladies. This could be you soon.  

I love her skinny arms 

   Stay strong. Starve on.
xoxo L

68 thoughts on “Thinspo Crush of the Week: Alexis Ren

  1. Hello! I’d like to know you’re thoughts on chewing nicotine gum? Do you think this can help with weight loss & suppressing appetite? I’m not a smoker but I’m looking for anything that could aid in my quest to not eat!

    • Try really minty gum instead. You know how everything tastes awful after you brush your teeth? Food will still taste good with nicotine. Plus people are more likely to notice. My friend in pharmacy told me weight lost from Nicotine usually comes back. So I wouldn’t do it.

        • You aren’t here and no matter how much you starve yourself you will never be her. You’re an individual and so is she… Grow up please

    • Ana is not a good thing and you have to realise that. I have to sit by and watch my friend starve herself cause she refuses to eat for reasons that even she is unsure of. Please seek help, you are not alone and there are people waiting to help you. Don’t encourage ana because I dont want to see an increase of people dying due to ana. Contact me through my insta @fleurpennels if you just want someone to talk to and to be there for you

    • Models like Alexis Ren EAT 3 MEALS A DAY. I can assure you they even have a nutritionist to tell them what to eat. Yes they train. Yes they drink water a lot. BUT THEY EAT. Strong is the new skinny. You want muscles like her ? Your muscles need protein.

  2. I dont know if you`ve posted something like this before but; workout ideas for losing weight? I need some new ideas to help lose even more weight – I`ve been running 2-4k each day and it`s not doing anything anymore.

    Also in need of an ana-buddy. 15, Aus, currently at 110 lbs, my kik is a.nah1973 and my ig is @/fml.g

  3. Went to make my son some popcorn and I had a couple pieces and my bf said “why don’t you stuff your face before you give him his popcorn” and to remind you I been struggling with my weight and he knows this…just hurts

    • Do you even know what ana is? Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder. It’s a slow way to die!
      If you want to lose weight you should eat healthy and moderatly and exercise. If you are not losing weight that means you DONT NEED TO lose weight.
      And their bodies are photoshopped as fuck

      • Life is a slow way to die, so please let us live and die our way. Also, there are lots of medical reasons for a fat body not to be able to lose weight when it should, so please spare us that all-caps-thing.

        • But hun, do you want to live a full life, or a restricted one that you are currently living? Please seek help, there are people out there who are simply waiting to help you, so let them

    • Okay your boy friend is a dipshit and sounds emotionally abusive.
      A couple of popcorn or like a bowl of popcorn is fine! As long as you dont add butter. It’s a good snack.
      If your son can eat it why can’t you?
      If you want to look and feel good you should exercise and minimize ur portions so that you eat 1000 calories or so. That doesnt mean starving yourself.

      This website should be illegal.

    • Does he not know the power of popcorn? There’s a reason movie theatres sell it.

      Also plain, air-popped popcorn is one of the best low-cal snacks you can have.

      Also he’s a turd. I’d like to see him resist the power of the popcorn.

  4. GILRS!
    I can assure you if you follow any of these rules or diets you will not get the results you think you will, you won’t be “happier”!
    These websites are disgusting, absoutly toxic it and the people behind it are horrible people.
    Thin is not what makes you attractive. Be happy, be kind, be generous and be proud of how you look regardless of your size!
    What these idiots are advocating are unrealistic goals that if you try and follow you will end up with endless physical and psychological health problems.
    These people are fucking evil and you should be so ashamed!

    • You are a very annoying person, Emily. I hope that you don’t fully believe what you posted. If you do, then you should know that from an intelligent human beings point of view, you sound average and dull, and will most likely die after living a life that’s been lived millions of times by other boring people with judgmental, thoughtless opinions. Get it in your head that you are calling another human (who I assume is a stranger to you) shameful and evil because they are feeling the need (deeply) to lose weight to attract people and fill wanted and loved. That does not sound at all like an evil person.
      From what you posted, your thought process seems very poor. Thinking that the person who started this blog is evil while thinking the people who actively research pro ana blogs are fragile, innocent girls, that don’t already know the health risks, is not smart. The pro ana bloggers are just as damaged as the girls AND boys who search for the pro ana blogs. They both support the cause, just one chooses to help one another.
      If you want to be useful then maybe you should start your own blog about how great it is to eat healthy and exercise. Do that instead of disrespecting somebody’s else’s blog.

      *If you are a very happy person, your brain capacity must be very low. Being book smart is not very smart. Being book smart is only the ablity to hold onto knowledge.
      Ex.) A student is told to be very smart since they ace their school test and use large vocabulary words when they speak. They are able to because they learned those things and were able to keep those things storaged in their brain for easy access.)

      Intelligent people are known to be philosophers. They think outside the box. They don’t need years of school and reading. They’re naturally wise. High thought capacity. They are one of the saddest people alive. They can’t help it. They’re brain sees and feels so much.

      I totally got off topic. Well, whatever. Emily, happiness isn’t an option for some people. But being skinny is. It’s fun to test the boundaries of our human bodies. It’s something that a few of us have the privilege to control. We can be fat and normal, or we can be skinny to the point we turn peoples heads.

      Thin Tip: Play the game Slither. It’s so addicting your urge to eat vanishes. Have a cup of coffee and play that game. Just type in “Slither io”on the browser and it should be the first to pop up. Try to become the biggest worm in the game. It’s fun.

      • Yeah, but if you turn heads it won’t necessarily be because you look stunning having all of your bones showing. I get that people want to be skinny because it’s what society says is “beautiful” or “attractive”. Hell, I want to be skinny but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be starving myself because if I do that I’ll just end up in a hospital with an IV.
        Please do yourself the favor of not following any of these tips, and any of you that feel like being pro-ana is the only way to do it, it’s not. There are so many ways to be fit and thin. Personally, I don’t like the word skinny because anorexic people is what comes up when I think about skinny people. Fit is a better word, because it implies that you are strong and most importantly, HEALTHY. If you want to be fit, thin, skinny, or whatever you want to call it, starving yourself is not the only way. It will just make you sick. I doubt anyone here wants to feel weak or lightheaded or collapse at any given moment, but that’s what starving does to you .
        Another thing to think about, is that there are people that are starving themselves, not because they want to, but because they have no other choice. I highly doubt that you would want to be in the same position as them. Again, please do yourself a favor and STOP STARVING YOURSELF.
        Well, now my rant is over, so peace!

      • I am an annoying person for a lot of reasons “ideal”, but that comment is not one of those reasons. And I very highly doubt that you are an “intelligent human being”, considering you missed the point of my comment completely.

        I not condemning skinny people, or people who want to be skinny (incase your “intelligent” mind missed that point). I am condemning the people who are promoting these websites and these methods of achieving weight goals. Literally any intelligent person will tell you how unhealthy and dangerous these methods are. If you want to lose weight, eat well and exercise. Dont starve yourself.

        Using big words in a big comment doesn’t make you intelligent – you nit.

      • So people starving themselves to death is smart? Forgive me if I don’t understand but I don’t like seeing my friends dying in front of me. Why don’t you tell one if your closest friends to do this. Would sewing them die before your very eyes make you happy? I hope not because If it does then you might be a psychopath. Think about the people you are killing and stop. That’s the smart thing to do

    • it’s the other way around: if you’re not skinny you must be kind and generous even with bad people, wit all and everyone, and thet’ll forget you anyway as soon as they don’t need to exploit you

  5. Woah little girl, go back to the tree your twig – looking ass fell from! Starving yourself is really shitty on your body and makes you a shitty person too.

      • Do you even know what ana is? Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder. It’s a slow way to die!
        If you want to lose weight you should eat healthy and moderatly and exercise. If you are not losing weight that means you DONT NEED TO lose weight.
        And their bodies are photoshopped as fuck

      • Ana is NOT the only way. I am not sure why or how you came to believe that. There is ALWAYS another option, there is ALWAYS another choice. You have the power to choose. I hope you one day soon come to that realization. There is a better, healthier path calling you you, the next step is to turn around and choose that path.

    • Persuasion 101, Pal: name calling and mean words are only gonna make people not listen to what you say. You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

  6. How DARE you state that you don’t encourage self harm, then post blogs like this?!
    That is SO hypocritical!! Starving yourself is wrong and self abusive and it IS self harm. Your body needs nutrients to function, vitamins, proteins, glucose, etc. You can’t justvpretend it doesn’t!
    You women will never be satisfied with your bodies because you are all ALREADY skin on bones and still unhappy!
    Does tour BMI say your fat? Does the doctor tell you that you need to lose weight? NO, so stop this and get MENTAL HELP because it isn’t your body. It’s your mind!!
    I’m 5″2 and 130 pounds! I’m NOT fat, I have a booty, i have thighs, I practice karate, i EAT.
    At least becoem veggitarians for God’s sake.

  7. Ana won’t make you look like this. Ana will wreck you and make you look like a bag of bones. She’ll drain your colour, hollow out your cheeks and eyes, eventually turn you yellow. Working out and eating right (3 healthy meals a day with snacks in between) will make you look like this. Happy, healthy, colourful, toned and fit. Ana will destroy you, not make you beautiful.

  8. Made an instagram with tips and thinsperation. Follow me @proannalifestyle6 or if you want one on one help, message me on kik: proannalifestyle

  9. HI PERSON READING THIS! You are beautiful, and your weight has absolutely nothing to do with it. You are perfect the way you are. Don’t starve yourself. Get help. This website is sick. Please tell someone that you have a eating disorder. Please get professional help.
    I love you. You’re amazing and awesome. Okay? Don’t hurt yourself. Starving yourself is hurting yourself.
    Don’t. Hurt. Yourself. I hope that you get better❤

  10. Models like Alexis Ren EAT 3 MEALS A DAY. I can assure you they even have a nutritionist to tell them what to eat. Yes they train. Yes they drink water a lot. BUT THEY EAT. Strong is the new skinny. You want muscles like her ? Your muscles need protein.

  11. This is a pro anorexia website! Ana is the name this community has given to the embodiment of anorexia! I just want to tell you that skinny isn’t everything! Of course you have heard before, beauty comes from the inside out! You have to power to accept yourself and love yourself for exactly who you are. Your feed says “I don’t encourage self harm” but I think you are directly harming others. The more these ideas are perpetuated, the more 14 year old girls will begin to struggle with eating disorders like anorexia! My heart is heavy for all of you. I wish you the very best, and I hope you choose to inspire girls to accept their bodies rather than starve themselves to changes them. You all may not believe or accept that you have an influence on others, but you do, and It is all of our responsibilities to know the influence we have on others and own it.

  12. Stay strong, starve on? REALITY CHECK: Strong women do NOT starve themselves. They treat their bodies lovingly and with respect and when they struggle to do so they neither shame themselves/others nor do they fuel that struggle by propagating harmful, unhealthy ideas. You are NOT HELPING YOURSELF OR OTHER HUMAN BEINGS WITH THIS.

  13. Being so thin isn’t that attractive I realized… I couldn’t find a boyfriend because for the guys I was looking just weird. They didn’t like to touch and see so many bones and they were always afraid they could “destroy” me by touching me.

    Next problem: I couldn’t stay concentrated and my grades became worse.
    Also I was always feeling dizzy.

    Now I’m not that thin anymore (I’m not big either, I’m just slim, but not thin) and I can concentrate so much better, I’m doing my masters degree in physics, an exchange semester, I have a lot of friends (which I didn’t have when I was so thin. I had some friends, but not that much and I didn’t do a lot with them, but now I have a lot of friends and it became so easy for me to make new friends), I’m meeting cute guys who find me attractive and I feel really well🙂

    I always thought I had to be thin and I thought I could just be me when I was thin – now I know that I was completely wrong.

    It is important to find a job, much more important than any look. Therefore it is quite good to be able to concentrate and not to loose IQ points – but if you’re too thin, you can get less intelligent and you can have problems to stay concentrated (how can you think about something really interesting and important (an invention you want to make, your homework, your friends, a cute guy, the university you want to join, healthy food (vegetables, fruits, potatoes…)…) when you’re always thinking about not eating?).

    Also I now recognized that there are so so many happy women, having nice and pretty boyfriends, having good jobs/ doing their studies well who aren’t thin at all – some of them are even quite big.

    I’m not a native english speaker, so I guess there will be some mistakes in my text, sorry therefore🙂

  14. You know what I see in these “women”? Photoshop, this whole “Ana” thing? It’s killing my fucking sister, she comes on here looking for tips ect… And I understand that you’re all going through “tough times” but have you got to be so sick as to give tips and tricks??? Do you know what real world problems are?!?????? I can’t do this anymore, this Ana thing is getting you no where, these women are all fake, they don’t look nice or anything, just fake

    • To the guys,
      Coming from a women, you will be most attractive when you are and look healthy! Women love to see a man with enough weight on him that he looks healthy. It is attractive and sexy to see a man who looks strong and healthy, not too skinny. If you are truly over weight, I suggest you reference a BMI chart if you are unsure, you can talk to a medical professional, a nutritionist, or a dietitian to help get you on a healthy course of action to get to a healthy weight.
      Stay strong and choose healthy path.

  15. You need to get rid of this website immediately this is causing the death of so many young girls why the hell do you want people literally starving themselves to death… Whoever you are on this site… Everyone is beautiful and you need to shut up and shut down the site

  16. Ok guys I don’t know what to do like I don’t know if I can do this I just must be weak or I DONT KNOW just can someone tell me why to do when I start to be hungry I chew gum but then I don’t have any and gum is 5 calories a piece. UGHH I’ve done Ana before but not as a lifestyle and now I want to and I can’t. HELP. S.O.S

  17. Want to join an ana group? Message me on kik @noctema. We have weight checks every Friday and calorie logs every night. I also offer coaching to members if requested

  18. Hello; I’m in need of an ana buddy/coach. My current stats are
    A: 14
    H: 5’3
    HW: 95
    CW: 90
    GW: 80
    UGW: 76

    I am currently consuming 700 Calories a day and lowering that my 100 calories each week. I eat normally for 6 days of the week and fast on the 7th. It is currently 11:37 Am as I am writing this. Please take advantage of the timestamp on this comment to see of we are in similar timezones. I live in the West Coast of the U.S.

    If you’re interested please contact me @noctema Be warned that I will be checking for perverts, and if I find out you happen to be one I’ll make sure to let everyone know.

  19. Hi help me become thinspo i can control my eating i am fat please pleaseee please help me please tell me some ways n tricks to dtay away from food i have tried many but nothing has work for me much helpppp

    • dude, I swear the only way to stop being “fat” is to get a heathy eating and exercise routine , by the first month you will feel the difference. I can promise you that. Not eating will only make you have skin problems and involve your hair and teeth falling off. Trust me, I know this. And remember, you are beautiful, and anyone who thinks the contrary should fuck off (sorry for my English, not my first language)

  20. What I dont get is you guys are turning anorexic to look like these women but these women aren’t anorexic, they are just healthy skinny women who eat clean and sensible and do exercise. If you are looking for some exercise routines, search up Lucy wyndham read on youtube, she is the best!

  21. What the fuck is wrong with you eating is something meant to be enjoy how the hell can you write this and not think you need help I get you cant control it but you my dear need help I know I’m a16 year old with a degree in health and I’m 150 pounds I’m Health you are not so get freaking help

  22. I am almost 40 years old. I just had my second child six months ago, my first child is 23 month old I had gastric bypass in 2004 I lost 140 pounds . I want to be the weight that I used to be after I had gastric bypass . Right now I am 185 pounds my height is 5’9. My goal is to be 135 pounds . If you have any tips please let me know .

    • Pretty irresponsible to have a six month baby and wanting to go on a anorexic life style… Since you have to have a lot of energy for a baby. Anyways, eat healthy (eliminate sugar and junk food) and do exercise. Remember, it’s something constant. You don’t get a magically good body in a week of exercise. You will fell the difference right away. And embrace that mama bod. YOU CREATED A HUMAN ! You are automatically beautiful ❤️

  23. This is crazy. Do not do this!!! you do not deserve to starve yourself. You don;t understand that you are killing yourself. If you were really meant to be dead, don’t you think you would be so already. Don’t rush the process. You can still exercise and eat healty but DOONT EVER SKIP YOUR MEALS!!!! EVER ! AND DONT LET ANY ONE TELL YOU AREN’T BEAUTIFUL

  24. Thank you so much I’m tired of negativity about not eating finally a website made for someone like me just starting to starve myself i use this a motivation..

  25. To everyone out there who is fighting against ana, who hate their body and who are struggling with self confidence, you are simply beautiful. It doesn’t matter what everyone else says or thinks because it’s not about them, it’s about you. If you find yourself wanting to stop eating, wanting to starve yourself, and wanting to follow this page, then you need help. If any of you want some one to talk to and vent out your thoughts, then follow me on instagram @fleurpennels
    Remember that there are people there to support you all the way through your recovery. It’s a bad day, not a bad life

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