Speaking of diets…

Dear Ana’s,

Today I am back with some not so well known diets that have been known to work in the past. Enjoy!

  • The 3 Day Fruit Flush
    • Breakfast:
      1 piece of high-carb fruit (banana, large pear, ½ mango)
      total: varies
    • Lunch:1 piece high-fiber fruit (apple, plums, ½ cup berries)
      total: varies
    • Dinner:
      1 piece citrus fruit (orange, small grapefruit, tangerine, 2 clementines)
    • total: varies
      total: 220- 310 calories, 1 gm fat.


  •  The Russian Gymnast Diet
    • Breakfast:

      Glass of either orange or apple juice

    • Lunch:
      Fruit Salad (made of kiwi fruit, orange, pineapple, and peeled apples)
      Glass of fruit juice (from one of the above fruits)
    • Dinner:
      Glass of non carbonated water
      Green apple (granny smith)
      Anyone on this diet for 5-7 days can loose between 4 lbs-11 lbs


  • The Caroline Kettlewell Diet
    • Breakfast:
      ½ cup fat-free yogurt (100 cals)
      total: 100 calories, 0 gms fat
    • Lunch:
      1 clementine or 1 small orange ( 45 cals)
      total: 45 calories, 0 gms fat
    • Dinner:
      3 bites of dinner (approx. 100 cals) total: 100 calories, 2 gms fat
    • total: 245 calories, 2 gms fat


Hope it helps,

xoxo L

361 thoughts on “Speaking of diets…

  1. Hey I’m 17 and lived the ana lifestyle a few month ago (lost 40 lbs) but for the last 2 months i have been eating more and kinda quit ana and have stayed the same weight! I wanna get back on track and need an ana buddy! Kim me @supertrishabell

  2. Hey I’m 19 and am extremely overweight and it’s disgusting. I’m trying to get into the ana lifestyle and need someone who is willing to help me. Kik me at mycatlikeshumanflesh. Please Im literally at the end of my rope.

  3. I am 5’2″ and 135 pounds. I’m average weight, but I want to be less than 120. I want to have skinny arms and legs. I want to have a flat stomach . When J ran into this website I found the posts and am inspired. The only problem is that I have parents that see everything I eat and always monitor what I eat, what do I do?

  4. Hi I need a help to get back on track with my ana life style in 13 btw.. Someone get in contact with me my number is 07496356402 or snapchat me xxneon_lovexx X

  5. Hi, I’m 15 years old just like many of you.
    And I want to help you, guys, you need help. I want you to know that you are just beautiful, you are amazing, you are cool. Don’t do that to yourselves. Please, be strong! I ♡ you and I want to help you

  6. Can we talk con wathsapp? i need to start whit this I am so fat, i need your help, PLEASE replay this whith your fb, instagram, wpp, snap, anything. Help me I want to be a princess, just like you

  7. This documentary is beautiful beyond belief.

    Do not encourage each other to be ‘pro ana’ and live the ‘pro ana’ lifestyle. From a girl that has had a severe eating disorder, it is not worth it; no one likes you any more or less because of your weight. Weight is irrelevant. It is simply your character and beautiful being that all of you are, that makes people adore you. If you learn anything in life, it is that you need to cherish your body, because you only get one.

    • You are correct, and the life of a pro-Ana as you already know, is one who wants to believe as they do. Many know the truth and would ace a nutrition test. The goal is to help them apply what they know in academia (about importance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, water, cardio, amino acids, etc) instead of separating it from what they do). It is no different from stock traders 100% literate in reading technical charts who gambled trades on ego that their technical chart expertise would not support. It’s separating theoretical knowledge from practice that makes pro-Ana people KNOW and still believe different from their mastery of knowledge in health and nutrition. Here’s the beauty of protein muscle and balanced eating and cardio. It will achieve the results that you think pro-Ana will give. You can even call it pro-Ana if it makes you happy.

  8. Hi my name is Katelyn I’m 16 , and I don’t know exactly what I have I’ve gone through stages of binging , purging , and not eating at all. I started off at 140 pounds within the summer and still continuing I’ve lost a lot of weight I’m 109 pounds now and can definitely tell a difference in my body but it’s not enough . Between the many binges and purges for right now I’ve just decided not to eat I’m on my 2nd day of fasting .I’m 5’2 and I just want to be beautifully thin . I feel as if it’s harder for short girls to remain slim but I want to get to where I don’t hate myself I don’t know if it will ever end, if I will ever feel confident in myself . But I would like someone to keep me motivated in my journey and I could do the same for you as well. if your interested email me please or kik – alienxx3977
    Xx, Katie

    • hi my name is gitti for the past 2 yrs i have been trying to lose weight because i feel really fat but the last few months i have just been eating and gaining weight all the time,i would love if u could help me get back on track and in return i could help you? my email is gittibaron16@gmail.com please be in touch and keep strong its worth it in the end!

  9. Hey I’m 16 and I weigh in 113 at the height of 5’3 please help me and tell me how to get down to 90 pounds without my family or friends noticing I just feel really fat I don’t know what to do because I’m miserable at this weight and my family makes me eat I need a way out to lose weight without anyone noticing

  10. Someone please help me lose 20 pounds rn I’m 113 and I’m just not happy with my weight can someone please help encourage me and give me some tips on losing weight cause I’m not happy with my body

  11. Please look at my Pro Ana Blog here proanathinforever.wordpress.com

    I have TONS of TIPS AND TRICKS! Plenty of HELP for NEW BEGINNER ANAS! Daily Posts! Please look


    I’ll help you get skinny REALLY fast!

    thanks 🙂

  12. Hello, I’ve been looking to lose weight. I’m 13, 5’7 and 145 pounds. I’ve tried working out but with my shoulder being the way it is, I have a hard time. I came her because of top 15 (from YouTube) and I my goal weight is 90-100 pounds. Do you have any other tips?

    • Being thin is great, but most of you won’t live long enough to be able to enjoy it. Your body might be thin, but you’ll be too tired to do anything with it. Your hair will fall out (SUPER HOT) and you’ll have yellow teeth. I can’t think of anything sexier. Yes, men like thin women, but women who are in shape. Not a disgusting bag of bones. I’ve never been skinny. I’ve been thin or slightly overweight and have never had an issue getting men. Confidence is what you need to learn, not how to slowly, painfully kill your self.

  13. I am currently 135 pounds and I am 5’3 I want to get down to 100 pounds. I know it sounds bad but I look really fat and I will look a lot healthier without the extra 35 pounds to weigh me down. Inspiration?

  14. Im 12 almost 13 years old and 5’2 and 186 lbs. I want ti get to atleast 100 soon! I need someone to help me with this new ana lifestyle.

      • Girls! My good god you are 12/13 years old! Please please please in begging you do NOT get yourself into this! I am scared for you and I wish your parents knew. You both are still babies! If you want to lose weight and are uncomfortable with your weight, talk to your parents. They will be MORE than willing to help you out. If they found out that you went to a site like this it would break their hearts I’m telling you. Please seek help, do not attempt to lose weight by becoming anorexic. I love you, you are so beautiful and you have a long life ahead of you, a long and beautiful and wonderful anorexic- FREE life!


  15. Why are you doing this to yourself you are slowly killing yourself by eating less you will die from fucking anorexia or bulimia if you listen to pro Ana. Don’t let them win. Don’t let them kill you. You are beautiful in your own way and never think you should change your body for anyone.

  16. I admire your determination, but your lifestyle, eating habits, and mindset are incredibly unhealthy. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Do not let society determine what constitutes beauty. Healthy and happy is always sexier than starving. Please consider looking into supports groups or programs/therapy to help you 💕

  17. Looking for an ana buddy! I’m 18 and at a disgusting 210lbs
    Ive been obese my whole life and have tried everything, so now I’m gonna embrace the ana lifestyle. I need self control and an Anabuddy would really help, so let’s reach our goals together ❤
    My goal weight is 120lbs
    My Skype is is floofyfluff
    Please message me with Anabuddy or something :^)

    • Hey! We can be ana buddies if you like! I need one as well. My mom took me to a nutritionist’s a few months ago. She and all my friends persuaded me into leaving my OCD about physical activity and my obsession for food, but I’m realising that I’m starting to put on weight again now. I’m 19, 5’3 and 119lbs. I felt like I had a purpose when I was putting so much effort in losing weight and exercising. Now I kind of feel lost and out of control when it comes to food. I really need someone who I can talk to about all this stuff openly, with no judgment at all. If you feel the same and still need that kind of person as well, let me know and I’ll contact you.

  18. Omg this is sick, you are all sick!!anorexia is not a “healthy lifestyle”, its a serious medical condition. It sickens me crap like this is out on the internet…I struggled with anorexia for YEARS and just recently was able to counteract it. And no its NOT good for you, starving yourself will only create lifelong health problems you will have to deal with forever. I’m still struggling! I feel like crap all the time, my digestive system, immune system, (the list goes on) will probably never fully recover from what I did to my body…and take it from someone who knows, guys do NOT like to look at a skeleton!! They like curves, the bigger the better for them, my boyfriend told me I was too skinny repeatedly and I almost lost him because of it. Now I can look back and understand all the nagging, monitoring from him and my family, it was to look after my health and wellbeing. Oh and just to let you know, if u don’t eat more than 300 cal/day eventually that will catch up to you, and when ur metabolism slows as you get older, you won’t be able to eat a pea without gaining weight!! How does that sound for a life? Starve yourself, feel miserable most of you life and still be fat? Nah I’ll pass. If you truly want to be a “healthy weight” eat normal portions, and exercise. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll look and feel without the suffering! PS. I’m not hating, I’m just trying to help everyone on here that’s going through the same thing I’ve been through. It was the hardest time period in my life when I went through it, and it only made me miserable and cause more problems later on. Skeleton is NOT the way to go! You girls are perfect with a bowl of ice cream in your hand and a little meat on ur bones 😉 don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

  19. Hello, I am 15 and in desprate need of an Ana buddy. I was doing very well and lost about 10 lbs, but am back in school and the weight is back. At this point I will do whatever will work I just really need guidance. Kik me, megmc123.

  20. Please don’t follow this website. Don’t read the posts. Whether u r a man, woman, child or adult u r beautiful and unique the way u r! U don’t need this stupid website, it’s telling u lies to help u hurt yourself. Please, even if u think there aren’t, there r people who love u, they can help u. Fat is a good thing in moderations, and people who have anorexia and bulimia suffer something serious. Let me stress this, U R NOT FAT! Please, listen. U r beautiful! Not the model, not some celebrity, U. They photoshop there bodies, it’s unhealthy to starve yourself. U might even die, or fall and hurt tourself. There ARE people who care about the inside of u, not the literal part but your personality. Everyone can be loved, and if someone doesn’t like u bc of how u look that r a shallow excuse for a human. U ARE BEAUTIFUL! U R AMAZING!

  21. 🖕 fuck YOU motherfucking bitch and by the way you said that yo don’t encourage bad things my sister is starving herself because of you and bullying mostly you mrs l by the fucking way what is your real name bitch I bet your not even Ana I bet your a fatass and you want everyone to feel your pain telling them to self harm to me starving is also considered self harm I also bet that your a guy shithead listen to me who ever is reading this besides bitch(L) over here you are beautiful no matter what fuck you L

  22. Hi I’m Bella, I’m 13 and looking for an Ana buddy. I desperately need someone to help me stay on track;
    CW: 103.06
    GW: 95
    UGW: 85
    Height: around 5″2′

  23. Omg I have to try this! I need motivation to keep going I did it once and I managed it then people stuck their nose in! Does anyone want to be Ana buddies on a chat?

    Please help me

  24. Hi, you can call me jay. I have to be the fatest person on this site. Im 5’3 and I weigh 271. I hate being as fat as i am. I really want help losing weight. I’ve tried everything and im just sick and tired of being FAT. I need help ASAP :/

    • Hey, I’m over weight too, and I’m new to this but if you want we can help each other out, go through this together and help each other loose weight

    • Hey, I’m over weight too, and I’m new to this but if you want we can help each other out, go through this together and help each other loose weight , if you want to help each other message me on kik it’s dayxo1

  25. I need an ana coach. A very very very strict one my kik is MoonlightWolke if you are willing to help me please do! I posted earlier on here but my kik deleated the ones i got a reply to.
    I am 15 years old 5’1
    Original weight- 200 in mid August 2016
    Now- 177
    I’m willing to do almost anything as long as you can understand i have very bad asthma and cannot do cardio for long periods of time.
    Please and thank you! And if i do not answer on kik my email is MoonlightWolke@gmail.com

  26. Hi. I’m Sarah. I want to lose weight. And I mean a lot of it. I have never seen myself as pretty or skinny or anything, my thighs jiggle when I walk, and my arms are gross and jiggly, and my tummy is like, a kangaroo pouch or something. It’s gross. If someone could email me at kircherml15@gmail.com, that would be great. I need an Ana buddy so bad. Someone to encourage me to keep trying. I am ready to dedicate my life to this lifestyle.

  27. hi, I’m 132lb, and i’m tired of being fat.. i’ve tried everything, but nothing has worked. so if anyone wanna be my weight buddy(?? idk what to call it) contact me! i really need help to go down in weight!
    14 y/o btw

  28. Boys love girls with big ass and boobs so get fuckyourself becouse when you are thin you are ugly as fuck,kill yourself bitch.

  29. I am 15 and this web site is sick becouse you are nof fat,you are perfect just the way you are dont lisent to Ana becouse she need help with her mind,she is probabli like a sceleton or like you middle finger,i am not from english so i dont know how to write well but you are ok and fat girls are beutiful and boy love that.Becs when you are fat you have an good ass.

  30. i need help, im fat and like just everything that is bad, i need someone to help me get there, i can do it , i know i can , i just need help doing it so if anyone can help me just please message me on my kik dayxo1

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