Loose Weight Fast?

Hi sexy skinny Ana’s,

So recently I’ve been getting a lot of emails about losing weight fast…Ana is a commitment, it’s a disciplined lifestyle and all though we all want to get skinny super fast, it’s not the way the world works.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that we can’t chose our path, it choses us. Ana isn’t a diet that you can do a week before your cousins wedding and suddenly magically fit into your bridesmaids dress. It’s a commitment. It’s a relationship.

Ana isn’t something you can turn on or off. That’s why I’m not trying to promote the lifestyle. I’m just helping other fucked up girls like me who are stuck with Ana for the long haul. Whether we like it or not.

Just thought I would clear this up. You can’t find Ana, she finds you.

Stay strong,

xoxo L

190 thoughts on “Loose Weight Fast?

  1. i actually found ana sorda of i saw a video on eating disorders on youtube cause my friend showed me and the video showed that it was triggering and i was like how can a video be triggering the video doesnt make u starve u do so stupid me sayed ok im gonna try this because i already new that i was gaining weight alot and i hated it but i was just going through puberty so i hated how it was changing my body i started to become curvy and just a little fat and i didnt like it because i was always known as the tiny girl so i didnt eat for a weak and i exercise constantly over and over every time i had a chance and i my staring weight was 125 then in a weak it hit 115 and i became very weak where it was hard to open a door or stand even bend over so decided to eat and since then ive purge and i might have to get tube in the future if i dont stop purging bc my lining in my stomach is eroding away and i throw up blood now but its summer so im 100 percent focus on loosing weight i did gain weight from binging alot im 135 and i was 140 so ive lost a little of weight but not enough theres more to this story but yall probably dont care but im just saying some one can find ana and be triggered bc i just proved it and i have been hospitalize and in therapy but i just have to fake that im ok so the will believe that im ok and the reason why i am saying this is to prove my point but i am ana and i am no way recover but i mean if u see a skinny girl on a website over course someone going to want to be like them and maybe they will think i want to be like them so they slowly start to ristict and work out more thats why they call it triggering but i personly got trigger easily and now i dont really bc those thoughts in my head and trying to be perfect is always there now and they are stronger then when it started so any one out there who feels the same way its ok because ur not alone and i do agree with all of yall but then again every body story is different but im just saying that u can find ana and she can find u but the thing is whenu or her find each other its so hard to get out of that mind set but u can recover but me myself is just not ready only u can save urslef but im not gong to save my self bc i just want ana to kill me and also anorexia can kill u but if ur reading this most likely u dont care of u die because ur just done sorry if this is long no hate on this site but i just wanted to let anyone know this and if u didnt care u would of stop reading in the middle of this and if u got to read all of this thxs but i truly love this site bc it makes me feel not alone ^^^

    • Ruthy,
      I am sorry you are struggling through this. I am glad that you recognize that ana can kill and that it is not okay. You are not alone. People care about you and we want you to get better. Don’t let a disorder kill you, don’t submit. You are stronger than ana whether or not you believe it. Hopefully one day soon you will be ready to save yourself, I’m rooting for you to get healthy. It is okay to admit to friends, family, therapists, or doctors that you still struggle with this. They won’t think less of you, they WANT to help, because they care too. Let someone help.

  2. Hi L. I’m X i’m the size L /40 i starded this lifestyle today is this good?
    Morning:little bit of darkporrige !didn’t touch the edges!
    Half a cup of coffee
    Lunch: One darkbread
    Dinner:one darkbread
    I did 1500 jumps 5 pushups 5 situps and a 500 meters run

    • nice diet mine is
      a cup of water
      lunch a bowl of soup and puke it after
      no dinner if i feel too dizzy i eat 3 dates and puke them
      i did 50 jumping jacks 30 squats and 50 seconds toe touching and 10 toe touches 60 seconds wall sit and 20 lunges

    • Why are women encouraging each other to be unhealthy? Knowing the risks? It makes me so sad… Smiles over skinny any day. Your life is worth so much more than meeting societies unrealistic standards. Be strong, be better than Ana. Being skinny is easy, being healthy is a challenge… its the things that challenge us the most that are worth it.

    • No you don’t. I had anorexia and a BMI of 12.6. I almost died. I’m weight restored now, but the disorder continues to mess with my head. I had never had such bad self-esteem and self-hatred until I got anorexia and went on these stupid sites. Please don’t listen to the f***ing stupid, hateful, unkind posts on this site. People are more than just a body, and they are beautiful just the way they are.

    • If Ana doesn’t find you please please please lose weight thru diet and exercise you can look like this on a healthy diet with mild restrictions. Snapchat me Venessy if you need help losing weight safely:)

  3. I did try to recovetI noticed I could not wear my cute little things anymore I had gained 26 pounds and two cup sizes This was absolutely unacceptable First month I ate 600 or less calories lost about 2pounds The last three days I have. Only had coffee and have done 25laps in the pool. No weight loss maybe someone can give me ideas because mentally I am at wits end.suggestions anyone?

  4. My name is Brianna, Im 15 and I am so over weight the doctor even said it. I need Ana buddy. I want to lose weight im really do. 😦 My email is meatballl22222@gmail.com my snapchat is meatballl2222 and my # is 4137258325 Instagram is meatball_222 H

  5. Please look at my Pro Ana Blog here proanathinforever.wordpress.com

    I have TONS of TIPS AND TRICKS! Plenty of HELP for NEW BEGINNER ANAS! Daily Posts! Please look


    I’ll help you get skinny REALLY fast!

    thanks 🙂

  6. I’m looking for a coach or someone to help me along. I have a very stressful life and always wanting to turn to food.. I turned 40 this year and never thought I’d be so fat. Please someone help. We can communicate through text or email.
    Thanks A.

  7. Help me please. Things were going ok for a while and I could go days without eating a thing but then I figured out how to throw everything up after I eat it and now I’m like a junkie. I just can’t stop eating and puking and it doesn’t even feel good anymore. At least with Ana I could get some brief moments of freedom when I felt like I was kind of in control. Now it’s literally like I’m on drugs every time I put something iny mouth. I want to go back to Ana. Any ideas?

    • I want an Ana buddy I’m 5’3″ 115 lbs I want to go down to at least 110 I’m really chill and fun and nice & supportive my Snapchat is Venessy send me a snap saying Ana buddy and I will add you ! I’ve been struggling since I was 10 I’ve never been this successful I know a lot of amazing tips and diets to lose weight without risking your life.

  8. I’m kind of out of the loop but I wanted to let you guys know that I’m currently in an Ana Kik group if one of you’d like to you can message me to join

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