Long time no see….

Hello girls,

Long time no see? Bet you all thought I was dead or something. Lots of things have changed  but one thing hasn’t, my desire to be the skinniest bitch anyone has ever seen. So here I am. Yes I’m back and I won’t be going away for a very, very long time.

Keep sharing, keep commenting, keep starving.

There’s more headed your way very soon.

Stay strong,

xoxo L

98 thoughts on “Long time no see….

  1. I’m so happy you’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please post your kik so we can talk? I need a serious Ana buddy. All my other buddies are in “recovery” ( aka trying to get fat again ) I need someone who is completely serious about this and I know you are. Thanks in advance.

  2. Anna I’m 47. Been an attic since I was 12. I have two girls now. Just a short story for those of you who have some nutrition enough inside to grasp it. I suffered heart failure, lost most of my natural teeth and live fighting this horrific disease today. It will kill you. It steeles your joy, your future, your family, your hope. Find help. There is help.

  3. your body is supposed to have food. why would you deprive it of something it needs to function properly. i know you cant just stop but get help before you take your life!:( this is a serious thing.

      • The site itself is, extremely, negative. It promotes a state of mind for girls to believe that they are worthless, that they need to punish themselves, and that they need to make food (and the avoidance of it) the focus of their whole lives – to the exclusion of other people, other pursuits (think of all the awesome things these girls could be accomplishing and achieving instead) and even FRIENDS – this site encourages girls to ignore and leave behind their friends, boyfriend, and even their families!!! We are created to be in relationship with others not isolate ourselves from everyone around us who loves us!! To isolate ourselves is to be miserable. That is why solitary confinement is one of the biggest punishments. And why prison itself is another – it separates people from those they love and who love them. And everyone reading this site is PRICELESS not WORTHLESS much love to you all,I do hope you all get the help you need to heal xxxx

        • I wish you knew what you’re talking about. Its like telling a dyslexic they’re not trying gard enough or drawing attention to themselves. We love each other because we understand each other. We don’t nee to make food or the avoidance of it the focus of our lives, our minds do that for us. Its not nice, its not easy and its not a choice, but itssometjing we have to live with. Strength comes in many forms depending on perspective. We are strong in the sense we are not alone, even though we are in pain. Yes, we prefer to leave behind people that dont understand us but if you had to use a wheelchair a your spouse told you you were just lazy, wouldn’t you rethink your choice in partner? We have likeminded people, we are not isolated. Why do you think we’re all here? I really one day you will see this lifestyle is not a choice and is as every bit painful to live with as any other illness. All we do is deal with it in the minds will accept.

  4. Hey !I haven’t had an Ana Buddy before i weigh 200 and had so far lost 5 pounds with ana and Id love to help you reach your goal and support you!
    We can help eachother? though I need someone to be strict on me to stop my binging! ?!? xx



    i tried to recover but it ended up in 100% fatness. now everybody thinks i’ve gotten alot better, but i haven’t. i need to loose weight again, and ALOT OF IT. my bmi is 22,89 right now but not for long. kik me (22.flowers) if you want to join a pro-ana group chat im creating or if you want to be my anabuddy

    • It’s possible to stop eating any time. U can just say it and not do it u have to put your mind to u and Jist Do It.. I didn’t it I haven’t ate in 3 days I have drunk grape juice all weeks. You’ll I was129 Monday. I am now 125. The weight is dropping. All the water weight comes off first then the fat drops. U have to be perfect.. An Imperfect body reflects an imperfect soul.. Remember why U are doing it.. 👌😌🙂 Stick to it Love Porsha,❤️

  6. Omg you’re finally back!
    Need a Ana buddy like now, I have been inpatient for a few months now and I need to get back on track..
    HW: 137
    CW: 133.7
    GW 1: 125
    GW 2: 118
    GW 3: 110

    height: 5’7″

    Anyone like me?

  7. I don’t understand why all of you people commenting want to be so nasty looking and unhealthy? There’s nothing good about looking like that when it’s not natural. If you don’t have a small build its gross.

  8. Someone please help me. I have to lose 30 pounds in 3 months. I need a serious helper. Be my partner in this. Please. I need this.

  9. Anyone want to be my ana buddy? My kiks Pandorathebiyatch just message me, I need a full supporting ana buddy who is fully committed.
    Im so glad your back L ♥

  10. I am so glad you’re back. You, this site….i have no words for the love i feel for you all here, the power and strength you beauties give me. Thank you.

  11. Oh my god. I’m so happy you are back i hope it is for good your posts are so helpful. You have helped me on my journey to thin i i have lost 30 lbs since December and i’m so happy. Well i say i am when in reality i’m looking forward when i can be considered thin like all my friends. I’m 16 and weigh 140 lbs i used to be 90 lbs… last January but i was forced into recovery and now i’m on my journey again and i am just hoping i can have support on the way to get back to my previous happy thin self who could wear anything… please add me on kik id be really happy about some Ana buddies. My kik is : Miacarla_c i hope to hear from people soon thanks again for coming back !

  12. What is all wrong with you??!?!! You starve to be “beatiful”?!? If you are tooooo skinny, you will be dead any day and any time. No one likes to be bony and feel dizzy. You people are crazy. I am happy with my weight. All you wanna be is a skeleton. What do you mean “starve and stay strong”?!? How can you starve and be strong. You need to eat and I don’t mean eat junk food but eat vegetables, fruits, meat or fish. If you starve yourself, you feel dizzy, feel sick. You people make me sick!!😡😡😷😷

  13. I need help, I binge and purge a lot and I am fat!!!

    I need to take more control and start loosing weight. 10 pounds would be great!

  14. omg i know this late but im glad ur back i founf u in 2014 and u stop posting for almost a whole year and i was getting worried but i hope u post recently

  15. Kik is the most unsafe, Nigerian scammers and pervert infested thing EVER….
    Stop using Kik please!!!

    Create an email specially for Ana buddies. It’s private, more safe. Use Skype or Hangouts to verify realness at least once, It’s a MUST.

    Be smart.

  16. I am 5’5′ and 116 . too freaking fat. I am eating less but I think I am waiting to latr to have the small amount so my body is holding on to whatever. I have to get rhis weight off. I am depressed and stressed. Please please help me. I want to die

    • I’m exactly the same, same weight and height! I’m wanting to lose weight too, and I support you…just don’t starve yourself, that’s going to make you feel worse than you do now. I’ve seen myself in a mirror and I don’t like what I see, and I want to change too. My Kik is LEGITNESSSSSSSSSSSS if you wanna be buddies. I’ll pick you up when you’re down and help you. You don’t deserve to die because of the way you look, and I’ll help to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  17. Stop telling children and young girls to starve themselves you monster. You need help, people die from this and no matter how much you think this is right you are encouraging people to kill themselves slowly. If you’re going to be sick in the head do it on your own and stop dragging impressionable young people with you. Some people are naturally thin but not everyone is meant to be. We are taught a lie that “attractive” and normal women are thin when those are just women in media starving themselves. You NEED fat to survive you need it to have and a child if you want one, you starve yourself long enough and you WILL collapse no matter how clever you think you are at dodging this the body can only temporarily run without fat and food. Women are suppose to have a little cushion it’s natural for us. THE WOMEN THAT YOU WORSHIP IN THOSE PICS ARE PHOTOSHOPPED. That’s like me wanting to look like a fictional character. I’m advocating for websites like these to be banned and I hope they do soon. This is a crime and to all the people following you: this website is a lie and a fantasy, you need food to live and you will eventually collapse or die from this behavior learn about your body before you decide to abuse it so much.

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