Back and better than ever 

Sorry ladies I was having a couple bad days but I’m back bitches. Stronger and skinnier than ever. 

I convinced my parents to let me go vegan so now all I eat during dinner is vegetables if I even eat at all 🙂 

I’ll be back with a longer more focused post tonight but this is just a quick update 

Stay fucking strong and skinny! Starve on.

Xoxo L

18 thoughts on “Back and better than ever 

  1. Hi, I was just on line searching for some thinspiration; when I came across your blog. I desperately need help getting back on track ! I have gained some weight back and feel terrible. It’s disgusting !!! I have to get back in control! I have to emerse myself back into thinspiration !

  2. I would literally have died if you stopped posting I can’t get through anorexia without you I had a few days when I piliged the fridge but in the shower I made sure it came up

  3. 22
    Two kids
    4 step kids
    My eating disorder still ruins my life.
    And theirs.
    My heart and kidneys
    Have FINALLY GIVEN up.

    22 and dying 😩😞😢

  4. How do I cope over Xmas? I’m probably going to get heaps of choc and other disgusting stuff from my brothers and I WILL be expected to eat EVER. LAST. BITE. horrible. same story for xmas dinner. SOS!

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