36 thoughts on “Would anyone care if I stopped posting?

  1. nonononononono!!!! dont stop!!!!!!! youre the biggest source of motivation for me!!!!! if anything, you should post MORE!!! dont stop!! DONT!!!!

  2. Please don’t. You don’t know how much you’ve inspired and helped me. You’ve completely taught me how to be a different, stronger, in control person. My mind has became so much stronger bc of your blog. Please please don’t stop.

  3. I would miss it terribly. I understand if you need too. I like the idea of sharing your account. Could get a different outlook and help with burden of posting.

  4. Yes i would! Please don’t stop! I really like you’re posts and you are my motivation to get thinner! Please don’t stop!

  5. I would care
    I love this blog and it motivates me
    Please donttttt stooopppp doing what ur doinggggg (if u know the song,😏 if those r the lyrics idk, I don’t really know 5sos songs 😂)

  6. I am a sort of Ana.
    I’ll do it for a couple days but then stop
    *I need tips on eating in front of parents but not actually eat*
    Kinda like tricking them.
    My email is abigailhope@icloud.com
    I cant text u on this blog but email I can

  7. If you stopped this, many people would be okay. The hospitals would have less people. You would become beautiful, like you were born to be. Only you can stop this madness! You can become someone, if only you’d STOP HURTING INNOCENT PEOPLE!

  8. No, I will be so happy if you’d stop posting. It would save millions of lifes. Please, don’t do this, stop!
    Please, girls, you don’t need this.

  9. Fuck this sight. What is wrong with u people! This sight should be held accountable for cause millions of young, beautiful individuals to commit suicide. To tell u the truth, I couldn’t even be skinny if I tried, as I have bigger melons and am a naturally curvy person. Also, I LOVE FOOD, SO COME AT ME FUCKERS, JUST COME AND TRY TO TAKE MY TACOS AWAY FROM ME, LOLZ I GOT MY CRUCIFIX IN HAND, AND I’LL BE WAITING FOR YALL!!!!

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