126 thoughts on “Accurate 

  1. Hi. I’m new in this thing, how could i be like you ? I’m from belgium, and i have 60kg.. I want to lose 20pounds.. Anyone could help me please ? #SL

  2. Hi everyone, my eating disorder Instagram got deleted and it’s my only place of venting and feeling accepted and motivated. I’m trying to get my followers back up since I have to start over so if you have an ed account please check out @breathinginbones . I love to support my ana friends and get support in return. xx

  3. hey all, I really need an ana buddy to help me through this and stick with it, someone I can actually be friends with and who will be there for me and stick by me. Im 15, 5’6″ and if you would like to be buddies, feel free to PLS email me at cierrahardy99@yahoo.com. im also from florida

  4. You do know don’t you..that people with ana are classed as mentally ill, the same as psychos and murderes and other mentally wrong in the head people..do you still want to be ana?

  5. I really need someone to motivate me and help me through this. Here’s my kik if your interested Idonthavealife_5

  6. Hello, I have a urgent question. How exactly does anorexia work? Because heard that starving yourself to an extreme causes weight gain, yet anorexics are unbelievably underweight. So how does one stick to an anorexic diet and not gain weight?? Plz help

    • It doesn’t cause weight gain 😄 and we don’t really starve ourselves, we just fast occasionally and diet hardcore. The weight gain can be caused by exercise due to your muscles increasing in density, but without exercise you will simply lost weight.

  7. Disgusting and degrading lifestyle. Shame on all of you sheep who worship this disorder. Don’t deny your body essential nutrients when you’re lucky enough to have food at all. Shame, shame.

  8. im 24 4′ 11″ at 176 lbs life has been hitting bad I am very active and a vegan why am I not loosing weight. I want to be skinny I want to feel something.. its a new year I want to do this someone please help me email me at lilly33lerma@gmail.com

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