When you’re feeling weak…

Hello Skinny Ana’s,

Here are some tips for when you are feeling weak:

1. Pinch your thing and see how you don’t need food. You need to burn calories not add more.

2. Go to the library. You can research dieting, do work, read a book, but the beauty of it is, since no food or drink is allowed, you’ll have no choice but to abstain from a meal.

3. Buy some baby teething gel and rub it on your tongue, this numbs your taste buds.

4. Chew the food but don’t swallow it. Spit it in the garbage.

5. The scent of coffee has been proven to lessen ones appetite.

6. Pinch your ear! Apply pressure to the front of the ear, one at a time.The front ear is apparently a pressure point, in the area that controls hunger.

7. If you’e feeling brave enough to face the kitchen, go there and throw out any potential binge foods.

8. Let perfume replace chocolate. Every time you have a craving, or pass a baker, sniff some Chanel ;). Apply it to a tissue and carry it with you. Smell has a powerful effect on appetite.

9. Clean something. Cleaning something dirty can make you lose your appetite. The toilet, the litter box, under the kitchen sink, scrubbing out the garbage bin, anything grimy or smelly. The mess, along with the smell of the cleaner, can put you off food for a while.

10. Become an artist. Ana’s are extremely creative. Collect pictures of skinny girls, start a blog, write ana poetry.

Hope this helps! Stay strong ❤

xoxo L

23 thoughts on “When you’re feeling weak…

  1. Dear Miss Ana!
    It’s only one problem that you will die, it’s your own decision, your totally fool lifestyle. But you show a horrible way to other girls who are not self concious and it’s a really big problem. Maybe they find your page accidentally and start to follow or they have got a same problem, they try to find a some help (like me) for that but they find your page and it makes the healting harder. You can write a diary but please not on public sites.

    • I love how you literally take time out of your life to write this comment.
      Please if you knew better you would even go that far but since you did, don’t bother

      How did you come across this website anyways? You must have researched it, more than that I can tell you are interested in it and you still
      In front of your little screen wishing you had the will power to go thru what me and some other girls here are going thru

      So don’t bother commenting back or commenting whtsoever infant just avoid these websites and live your life happily and go on. Don’t worry there are enough people to care for us that at least try to understand instead of judging like you

    • Personally for me I feel like it promotes hunger, but everyone is different my friend sweats by it! She chews those dessert flavored gum.

      Hope this helps

      – S

  2. Hi all thanks for this I really need some help and support! I’m being forced to see dieticians and psychologists to ‘get better’ I don’t want to! I want to lose more! I need to lose more! I have no one around me who understands! My height is 5 foot 11 and I’m 125pounds (8stone 12) I know I’m already underweight with a bmi of 17.4 but as you pro anas know this is not enough! Not when I can still see fat, fat, FAT!!!!
    I’m in the UK does anyone want to buddy up? I’m 28 so anyone around the same age would be great!!!
    Stay strong lovely ladies! We will get there!! Xxx

  3. THIS IS DISGUSTING. you could fucking die. Stop starving yourself and get a grip. This website is sickening to look at. MAKE YOUR SELF BETTER. Eating is a human fucking function your supposed to do it. Its not attractive. How about lead a healthy happy lifestyle. You can still be skinny and not starve yourself. Become vegan, you can eat as much as you want and put hardly any weight on. This website is disgusting and promotes eating disorders. Honestly sickening.
    Anorexia does not look good it doesn’t make you look beautiful its horrible. Pull yourself together and become a ANOREXIA SURVIVER. You can do it, do it for everyone who loves you. Eating won’t make you fat as long as your eating healthy just not eating junk food.
    Please make a lifestyle change today, you don’t want it to kill you.

  4. Honestly guys you may think starving yourself makes you pretty NO no it does not being healthy and eating like a normal human being does. You are not fat at all. Your all so deluded you may think no one understand this is why its a a mental illness. Stop starving yourself you could die. How about go to the kitchen and eat something. Pizza, pasta, fruit, veg, a sandwich anything you want and not feel bad about it. Why do you think people are trying to get you overcome your eating disorder, its because its not right. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER. Go eat whatever the fuck you want and have an awesome day and I bet you’ll feel happy.

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