Skinny Girl Diet

Hello Skinny girlies,

Starting this diet on Monday🙂 Thought I would share it with you!

Thank you all for your applications! 

I appreciate all of my readers! Sorry if you weren’t picked but please continue to use the comments to find your own Ana buddy. I❤ you all and will continue to try to push you all!

Much love,

xoxo L

89 thoughts on “Skinny Girl Diet

  1. Hey.So i really need a Ana buddy. im like really fat no one likes me. im planning at not eat at all but then i need help. I need the help to dont eat. I really really need this. i really hope someone out there se my comment and messages me at kik: FatFatFatFatGirl.

      • I’ve been through ana lowest weight in my life 31kg… didn’t attract any cute boys and my friends thought I was weird.. I was a loser…everyone ran a mile… it’s an illness that is so unattractive.. no one feels sorry for you… everyone just thinks your a superficial idiot

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