Skinny Girl Diet

Hello Skinny girlies,

Starting this diet on Monday 🙂 Thought I would share it with you!

Thank you all for your applications! 

I appreciate all of my readers! Sorry if you weren’t picked but please continue to use the comments to find your own Ana buddy. I ❤ you all and will continue to try to push you all!

Much love,

xoxo L

100 thoughts on “Skinny Girl Diet

  1. Hey.So i really need a Ana buddy. im like really fat no one likes me. im planning at not eat at all but then i need help. I need the help to dont eat. I really really need this. i really hope someone out there se my comment and messages me at kik: FatFatFatFatGirl.

      • I’ve been through ana lowest weight in my life 31kg… didn’t attract any cute boys and my friends thought I was weird.. I was a loser…everyone ran a mile… it’s an illness that is so unattractive.. no one feels sorry for you… everyone just thinks your a superficial idiot

    • Omg…8 and 5 years old! Get off these sites and go outside and play! You’re far too young to be worrying about your weight!!!

  2. I’m starring this diet the day after tomorrow, which works out well, considering tomorrow is Christmas Day, and keeping this under wraps is difficult at occasions like that.
    Cw:145 (disgusting, Ik)
    Height: 5″8
    Anyone looking for an ana buddy, leave a reply and I’ll very well consider it. I usually like doing this alone, but support might help this time. 🙂

  3. How does this diet works? Do you cut your calorie or you add your calorie into meals i dont really get the picture 😦 i really need to go on a diet tho

  4. hey..I just want some help because I am so fat I am like obese because I am like 200 pounds or even more. I stopped eating for 2 days and still continuing but I NEED SOMEONE’S HELP ASAP PLEASE ! I want to be skinny af …. anyone who is willing to help me my email is: ( I will really appreciate that)

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