4 Week Plan (Starting Off With Ana)

Hello ladies,

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of comments about how to start off with Ana so here’s a diet plan for those who are still eating way to much! It’s a 4 week plan to decrease your calorie intake and increase your exercise untill you’ve reached Ana’s standards.

These are just steps you can follow. No one has to do this strictly this way. 

Step 1: (One week)* Decreae calorie intake to 1000 cals a day
* Read nutritioning labels
* 100 crunches a day
* 2 hours running a week

Step 2: (One week)* Decrease calorie intake to 500 cals a day
* If eatijgnmore, exercise more.
* 200 crunches a day
* 30 minutes swimming/cycling/skating/dancing a day
* Take weight loss pills

Step 3: (One week)* 500 calories a day
* 250 crunches a day
* 2 hours running a week
* Take weight loss pills
* 1 hour swimming/cycling/skating/dancing a day

Step 4: (For ever)* 500 calories a day
* Create control. Reward yourself for every victory.
* 300 crunches a day
* 2 hours skating/swimming/dancing/cycling a week
* Take weight loss pills

Hope it helps! Stay Strong 

xoxo L

86 thoughts on “4 Week Plan (Starting Off With Ana)

  1. Hi there L I’ve been following your website for 1 year now, and I always go on it to get motivation. But I would like someone to talk too personally. You probably get asked a lot if you have a private one too one messaging/texting way. But I also want to give something back to you, I would love to talk. Hope you read this message Love LA


  2. Does alcohol have a lot of calories? (wine and beer) casue I think i drink too much and need to know what tips I can do to rid me of the bad habbit and focus on eating less and drinking less. I’m doing the crunches every night before bed and doing 40 pushups too. I drink 2 litres of water per day… I’m still not seeing any results at all…. Is it the alcohol? I thought alcohol was an appetite suppressant and that’s why i’ve been drinking.

  3. L can you please be my ana coach, I know what I am supposed to do but I need someone to support me, be tough on me, and push me to reach my goals. I have loved this blog since I found it many months ago. Anyone who might want to be my ana coach can kik me at iwanttobeperfect321

  4. Hello! I’m a french girl who I like your blog very much! So I wanted to create mine about my pro-ana (like you) because I need help to do the pro-anna. Can you talk with me? (Excuse for the faults, I speack english just a little)

  5. Hi!

    I wonder,how can I get enough energy so I can do my work out every day? Right now I can’t do anything,just lying on the sofa all day!!And how do you work out,I need to know how I can do a work out every day who will helps me loose weight..I do not loose any wight at all right now,I am about to get desperat!And will I gain any weight by drinking alot of water or will it help me to loose weight?And my biggest problem is that my ass and thigs are to fat,what can I do to loose fat there? I hope you can answer me…
    Xx Anne34xx

    • Hi Anne,

      I find that if I eat protein (3 oz chicken breast or 10 almonds) before a workout, I’ll have energy. You can add a small portion of fruit to that for carb intake. That helps me.

    • Run walk or jog! But jogging is not good for the nees :/ for a tone furm lifted butt do squats!!! I love doing squats and then out for a run/walk! I’ve heard running is the only way to lose that belly pooch that never goes away without crunches!!!!

    • me too! please get in touch I am desperate! Isolation with ana is killing me!

      hi find me on whatsapp 07958150141 if in UK or 00447958150141 – just send me whatsapp message saying pro-ana and we kick start group! I only just found this website and I need help too! I need a support group! Please girls!

  6. Kik me at let.nothing.stop.you and say you’re from WordPress and we can chat as Ana buddies!
    170cm | 153lb | large frame | purging anorexic tendencies

  7. Just over a week I’ve reduced my food intake to just a tuna and sweet corn sandwich. I have also fast for 3 days. I’m going to start more exercise (running and cycling) I already do 3hrs dance a week and 1hour horse riding a week. I have no way of getting diet pills as I’m only in year 9 and my pocket money goes into my bank, what shall I do instead or is it ok to leave these out? I also have a fear of swallowing tablets. X

    • I’m in year 9 too and have the same problem. I also don’t know how to do this easily without my parents finding out, how can I skip meals??…..

  8. Hi lovely.. I just would love to say I find your blog very inspiring; you are an asset to our motivation! After putting on a lot of the weight I worked so hard to loose after being forced into a (using the term loosely) weird sort of recovery, I can’t go another day with touching thighs anymore. Sick of being bloated, I just love how your blog inspires me. So thank you for that!!
    My current weight is 134lb and I’d like to be 115lbs (baby steps I know :3) and I would actually like an ana buddy to help keep motivation- along with helping others!! Reply to me if anyone’s interested 😊🙌

  9. do you guys think that I can drink a cup of teatox tea instead of taking weightloss pills? I’m too young to buy that without my parents allowing it..

  10. I try to do an 800 calorie diet the first two weeks. I think 1000 is too much to start off with, and 500 is too low until the third week. Here are two examples of my diet of 800 calories. I eliminate my indulgences after the first two weeks to cut calories. I can’t use artificial sweeteners, but if you can, use them in your coffee or tea. I drink 1 gallon of water a day the first two weeks.

    1/2 avocado 117 cals
    1 egg cooked in Pam 78 cals
    1/2 english muffin (indulgence) 60 cals
    coffee 0 cals
    1 tsp sugar (indulgence) 16 cals
    1 tbls creamer (indulgence) 20 cals

    Total Breakfast cals (biggest meal) 291 cals

    1 medium Fuji apple (indulgence) 109 cals
    10 almonds 70 cals

    Snack and Breakfast cals total 470 cals

    3 oz chicken breast 112 cals
    cooked in olive oil (indulgence) 72 cals
    1 cup steamed broccoli 50 cals

    Breakfast, snack, and dinner total 704 cals

    Bedtime snack (no later than 9 pm):
    5 triscuits or other cracker (indulgence) 100 cals


    Another sample menu for the first two weeks:

    Breakfast and 1st snack are the same

    1 cup raw spinach 7 cals
    1/2 can wild salmon 60 cals
    1 roma tomato 40 cals
    1/4 cup cucumber 4 cals
    2 tbls lime juice as dressing 8 cals

    Dinner cals total 119 cals

    Bedtime snack (no later than 9pm):
    5 triscuits or other cracker (indulgence) 100 cals
    1 oz cheddar cheese (1″ cube) (indulgence) 114 cals


    Height 5’4″

    CW: 111 (just started back on this diet two days ago)

    GW1: 105
    GW2: 100
    GW3: 95
    FGW: 92

  11. First Name: Julie
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Current Weight: 150 pounds
    Goal Weight: 85 pounds
    Some way to contact you: Kik: JustAMusicLover

    Need a coach, or someone who will be very strict to me…

  12. I am looking for an anabuddy. my email is: laboudreauxbelle@gmail.com I do not have kik. I am almost 20 years old and I am 5’4 and weigh 120. looking to be 105. yesterday I only ate one apple and a baby plate of mac n cheese and chicken. Looking for an anabuddy to keep me motivated and eat less everyday or none at all . I want a thigh gap!!!!!!!!.

  13. Hi I could really use an ana buddy that is serious about this and won’t give in to temptation. Also looking for a coach to help me not give in. Please help! 🙂
    Kik alexis_rw

  14. I really need an ana buddy. I was in “recovery” for a long while and various things lead me to be as big as a whale now…really I feel nauseous whenever i look in the mirror. I’d just like someone to help me stay on track with ana when I get discouraged by how big I’ve gotten. I was happiest with Ana by my side. My kik is doit4freedom

  15. I really new a strict Ana Coach! Someone to make me feel like shit when even I over eat or fuck up! I want to have such a strict Ana coach that makese feel like shit all the time!

  16. As an almost there, conversion vegan, you can eat a SHIT TON if you eat the right food. Please don’t kill yourselves. I read that “ana doesn’t betray you.” But it does. It doesn’t make you beautiful. It makes your organs eat themselves and die; it makes you grow real, short, fine fur because your body is trying to keel itself warm. Do you think fur is pretty? Did you know you can be super thin and still not have a thigh gap because your pelvis isn’t wide enough? Talk to a family member that you trust about how you feel and what is going on, and then go from there. Please. You all are beautiful and don’t deserve to be starving or in a hospital bed

  17. Hello! I’m 13 year old girl and I weigh 50kg at the moment but my goal weight is 40kg. I really need a ana buddy.. Is anyone interested?

  18. My names Alexander and i’m a 16 year old gender fluid (born male).
    i been Mia/Ana for about year, but i’m nothing close to thin/skinny i’m 96kg.
    my goal is about 45kg but its pretty hard going through this alone, so i’m looking for a Ana buddy.
    i’m planing of doing a lot of different Anorexic diets and i would love to give/receive support during Anorexia.

    i don’t care what weight you are as long as you share the same goal (to lose weight).

    massage me if you’d like to be my pro Ana buddy.
    my kik username is Alexanderlgfan and my name is Alexander Blær.

  19. I am in need of the most strict Ana coach 18+ there is I am begging for someone’s help I have gained weight and cant stand to even look at myself I need some to give me meanspo and be really hard on me plz plz plz kik me at lilahlove18

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