I’m Dreaming of a Skinny Christmas

Dear lovely followers and fellow Ana lovers,

Since the holiday season is upon I thought I would bring you guys a blog post about how to deal with not binging during all those holiday parties with amazing food and how to hide your little secret from your parents. The holidays has always been one of the toughest times for me and usually times when I find myself binging and hating myself a lot so I hope this will help! Love you all and stay strong!!! ❀

How To Not Binge:
1. Before you go to a holiday party or dinner drink lots of water and tea to get you filled up! If you’re already somewhat full you won’t want to eat as much. If you want to be extra sure you won’t eat, eat some low calorie veggies or soup before you go to your event.
2. If there’s a buffer or catering, steer the conversation away from the food. When you’re talking to someone turn away from the food or look for people to talk to far away from the food.
3. If you’re at a sit down dinner tell the host you had a holiday lunch with a friend and are already somewhat full so that they serve you smaller portions.
4. Always keep a cup of water or other low calorie beverage in your hand. This makes it a) easier to stay hydrated and fills you up, b) harder for you to pick up lots of food.
5. Know what your trigger food is and know how to avoid it. If you love a specific desert maybe tell the host you have to leave early or have an allergy to that specific type of food.
6. Bring mints and gum with you so that you’re not tempted to eat.
7. Honestly it’s all about the mindset…once you say it’s okay to eat one thing it’s a lot easier to start to eat a lot of other foods. Stay strong! You can do this!

How To Hide Ana From Your Family:
1. Always have some food in your hand or on your plate especially something that looks half eaten, this will make people think you’re eating when they look at you.
2. Talk a lot. When you’re talking you can’t be eating so people won’t be suspicious when you haven’t finished your plate yet.
3. If possible tell your parents or family you’re going out to lunch with friends before a family dinner or party (instead go running) and that will explain why you’re not too hungry later.
3. Don’t talk about your weight to family members. This often triggers family members to get suspicious.
4. Move around a lot. Talk to a lot of different people so that they don’t know what you have and haven’t been eating.
5. If you’re good at faking being sick then you can tell your parents or family you don’t feel well and aren’t hungry. Warning: if you’re not good at faking this might get people suspicious.
6. If you’re at a kids/ teenagers table it’s a lot easier not to eat as kids or teenagers aren’t as observant about what you are and aren’t eating. Even offer some of your younger friends and family some of your food, they’ll probably be glad to take it.
7. Get rid of your food in the garbage in the kitchen when no one is around if someone does catch you say you’re cleaning an older/ elderly persons plate.

I hope these tips helped! Stay strong this holiday season girls. The only thing I’m asking Santa for is more willpower to be skinny πŸ˜‰

Xoxo L

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41 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a Skinny Christmas

  1. um hi im Jillian i am 12 years old ,5’4 and 150 pounds im very new to proana but i cant find any help anywhere else your my last chance to not be fat and ugly i dont know how to start a diet or anything im very confused can you please give me the 101 on this and start me on a diet? i really need this please reply on here or email me at jloveparislights@gmail.com . pleaseπŸ˜“πŸ˜ž

    • Do go on a diet with out the permission of a doctor.. becouse it can be dangerous…
      And stop saying ur ugly,becouse if every one were the same there weren’t any beauty in the world…it amazing how ur looking forward 2 change ur self..but don’t act with out knowing the consequences of what ur about to…
      Talk 2 pros and doctor try to see and understand what they tell u to do and try sports…
      Iam sure ur an amazing lady so be safe and (peace,love&unity) xx😘

  2. Hello Help! I need your help desperately I am not the usual type of person that probably contacts you. I have a huge weight problem, I have battled all my life I am morbidly obese, I need to lose at least half of me Over the years I have tried different diets etc with not much success Because of my weight I have had to have a total left knee replacement this year (makes it hard to exercise)

    I have long worked out that the only way I will succeed in becoming slim (my dream) is to think and act like a slim person For years I have prayed that I would wake up one day and be Anna. I need you to mentor me, encourage me, until I know how to kill the fat monster that is telling me that food is the answer. Will u be so kind as to help me? I need to think like you think, my parents were poor bringing me up and used food as a reward I eat the wrong things, for the wrong reasons. And can no longer enjoy life as I am ( in body) an ugly blimp

    I don’t know who u are or where u are, but I need u I am in my mid 50’s in perth Western Australia. Married to a man who loved sweets. Not sure how I can convince him to keep them out of the house. I been married to him for six years and gained more weight since living with him He is a simple man, and 15 yrs younger than me (prob easy to hide not eating from him) Firstly I need encouragement of will power and tricks to feel full. I weigh a huge 137.5 kilos and only 5’6″ tall Please be my mentor Hugs Michelle

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  3. Hi L. I’m pretty new to your blog, but it’s been really helpful. You’re really smart about how you got about things. Because of your wonderful influence, I’ve taken to calorie counting and drinking loads more tea and water.

    This Christmas post is so helpful, you’ve got no idea. My dad’s made me gain weight before, which is something I never want to happen again. No one knows about my dirty little secret and I want to keep it that way. It’s all about control for me, you see. And Christmas had me freaking out. Thank you so much for the tips and tricks, it’s so, so appreciated!

  4. I really needed this post, christmas is so hard to get trough when you dont want to eat. So you have any tips about how to skip dessert at a family dinner?

  5. Thanks so much beautiful!

    On Sat, Dec 13, 2014 at 6:18 PM, The Pro-Ana Lifestyle Forever wrote: > > theproanalifestyleforever posted: “Dear lovely followers and fellow > Ana lovers, Since the holiday season is upon I thought I would bring you > guys a blog post about how to deal with not binging during all those > holiday parties with amazing food and how to hide your little secret from > your “

  6. This was so helpful! I’ve been frantically trying to find a way to get OUT of these gatherings and situations! Unfortunately, I can’t escape them all. So thank you, thank you, thank you for this! Stay strong lovely lady ❀️

  7. Ahhh! I so wish I saw this post a little earlier. Just went to a party and binged… my stomach hurt so badly, and I couldn’t get to a toilet for over three hours. I know purging’s pretty much useless after that, and I feel disgusting, but at least my stomach doesn’t hurt like hell anymore. I came off a two day fast and stuffed myself. Seriously, one of these days the poor organ’s gonna just burst.
    Tea. I will drink more tea. O.o

  8. I was wondering if maybe you could help me? I’m currently 130 pounds and my goal is 100 but everytime I dedicate myself to working out or anything I lose inspirations or someone is trying to shove food down my throat when I don’t want it. I really want a thigh gap, my legs are pretty much toned I just have-this is going to sound weirder or grosser than it is but- I have extra fat at the very top of my inner thighs and I can’t get it away. I know it isn’t muscle or anything, it just stays, if you could help I’d be extremely happy. Thnx! Love your blog btw

  9. I want to lose weight so bad. I was at my ideal weight, 130 at 5′ 8″, and so happy. I looked good in everything I put on, my bones were out and proud. Over the past 6 months I’ve been having a fight with myself, I can’t seem to eat the way I used to. I used to not care about food, and I worked out constantly. But now, I can’t stop eating. I binge almost every day and don’t work out ever. Its hard to find time being in the Navy and all, but I probably could if I really tried hard enough. I just need my motivation back to lose this weight. I’m at about 160… isn’t that terrible? Dx

  10. I was just wondering about your email. Is this where I am allowed to contact you from or do you have an actual email. Thanks for the tips by the way. They help a lot.

  11. Go vegan, girls! Thus you can avoid many useless deserts that contain animal products, besides, you can justify this going vegan on ideologic grounds.

    I have become pro-Ana just recently and avoided many certain products, and cordially suggest you to do the same. Veganism is a perfect guideline of how to plan light meals.
    If anyone dares to ask why you do not eat eggs and dairy products, and white flour anymore, it is fair enough to say you are a vegan. Having a green ideology may conceal your initial pro-Ana drive.

    Skinny Christmas, my Angels! May Ana be with you, while this gastronomic orgy and inferno is around.

    • I know this is old, but it’s sound advice.
      Vegan lifestyle and yoga WILL make you skinny without going to extremes.
      You can eat fruit and negative calorie veggies all day, and you’ll lose weight and feel great instead of sick.
      I still struggle with binging days, on “regular” garbage food… And I still have days where I don’t eat. Fasting is good and even healthy sometimes.
      But, for example, if some days I allow myself to eat as many strawberries or pickles as I want, I don’t get tempted to binge out. I still am in control, and I don’t feel too too deprived either.
      ALSO… At holiday events and parties, if you simply say “I’m vegan.” People don’t even think twice if they only see you eating a few pieces of fruit or veggies.

      VEGAN is the key here!


  12. Omg! I spent all day drinking tea, and have the urge to binge. I can’t let this urge take over me. I’m stronger than that. I just got to remember that food is my worst enemy.

  13. Help! I need a buddy!! I’m so bad at resisting temptation and I always binge and feel so bad afterwards I hate myself and I feel so fat. I have a phobia of vomiting and I’m soooo scared to purge. Will someone help and support me?

  14. Hi , I’m new at this and wondering where to get energy if you play a sport. I play travel softball averaging 5-6 games a weekend.

    • Anorexia is terrible if you’re in sports. Aside from the inevitable weakness and exhaustion, it makes your bones brittle… I fractured my pelvis and sternum 10 years ago because of malnutrition.
      SOOooo… What can you do?
      Eat a good amount of fruit in the morning. Take vitamin and mineral supplements EVERY DAY especially Calcium and Vit D3, Potassium and Magnesium.
      Keep your exercise low impact on your bones and joints… for instance, do yoga instead of running.
      You can still do your Softball if you’re Ana, you’ll just have to take good care of yourself and especially your bones… And keep your blood-sugar levels up on game day (a banana is great for that) to help with energy.


  15. Heyya im new to this and am currently fasting (day 3) although i cant exercise due to joint problems plus i live in an university accommodation and i think my flat mates are becoming suspicious any help or useful tips???

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