New Start

Dear Lovely Lovely Ana’s,

I am extremely sorry for my absence but I’m back and here to stay. Unfortunately I moved from America to Europe and I needed some time to just focus on my own Ana journey before I could post again. I’ve been doing better than ever. I haven’t eaten since Sunday night, just drinking tea and the occasional soup. I’m here to help you all again. So please feel free to comment or email. Unfortunately as my inbox is full with other 2,000 of your messages I won’t be responding to all past emails but any new emails that come in I will be responding to as of now and I will try to respond to your comments more. More posts, tips, and thinspos will be on the way very soon. Until then stay strong skinny bitches! Please let me know in the comments what you want to see from this blog….tell me if you want more of my personal story or more tips more pictures or anything else. Just leave it in the comment section.

Xoxo L

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40 thoughts on “New Start

  1. I’m so happy that you are back, your tips are helping. I found this website on this Monday and i thought that you will never write anything again, becase your last post was so long time ago. But it’s totaly understandable. What i would love to read is: your food diary, it isn’t boring at all and when i see how little you ate, that motivates me πŸ™‚ and maybe some tips on how you are hiding ana from your parents. I ate 300kcal on Tuesday and 500kcal on Wednesday and today they forced me to eat high in calories dinner and i felt so bad after it. Especially i felt bad because i don’t know even know how many kcal was in there. But i just can’t purge. I never did it, so maybe you can say did you ever vomit on purpose and how. Stay strong and sorry for my english i’m from poland

    • Hey thanks so much for your feedback! Im glad im back too πŸ˜‰ I have never purged personally, trust me i’ve tried but it’s just not for me. I personally think it’s better not to ear it at all than to eat it and then puke. Stay strong xoxoxo

      • Thank you for a reply. I just reminded of my last idea for a post except this ones above: christmas. We are all sitting in one table. My whole family see what im eating. What you are doing at this time? which one of christmas foods are less harmful? If i cant make myself purge what should i do before and after to speed up my metabolism? i heard of vinegar or lemon juice so you can share some of your ideas and experiences. i would love to see your opinion on one of this subjects.

  2. HI im jinxx lacey πŸ™‚ I have tried really hard to make ana my world in the past years but my mother kept getting in the way . I need help ana please I pledge my heart body and soul to but help me be as thin as I possibly can I weigh 130 pounds and everytime I look in the mirror I disgust myself. PLease help me ana I really need you now.

  3. I found your blog about two months ago and everything about it is inspiring. The quotes, the thinsperation, your advice. Since then i’ve tried and tried again to find a relationship with Ana. In the past I have been able to go seven to ten days without anything but water, so I know i can do it. But it only lasted about a year because I felt alone in it I had no one to be proud in my weight loss. I new nothing about Ana untill your blog introduced me to Her. The only thing that seems to stand in my way is not necessarily benging, but just consuming small amounts of fatty food unnecessary. What HAS worked is that during the school day I am able to not eat do to being so busy, but when i get home its much much more difficult. Especially sence im the only one who cooks in the house; and i have to feed my siblings. It seems most temptation is in the evening (how convenient πŸ˜›) around three or four and also seven to eight. I also have horrible gag reflexes and have been thinking about buying ipecac but im not sure if they will sell it to me. I don’t want to take laxatives because i don’t want to “go” in school. I guess what im really wondering how i can open myself to Ana, hear Her, feel Her and not feel so alone in this. Im tired of feeling pathetic and i want to make Her proud of me. Please help a cow that is lost in the feld find her owner. Thank you. Currently 132 Desired 105

  4. Oh thank god you’re back I thought I would never find an Ana community. I’ve fallen off a cliff I started my ana diet 5 days ago but today it just went down hill and I was starting to see results. I have serious cravings for sweets and I easily get dizzy if I don’t eat something, what do I do?

    • dizziness will set off alarm bells and people will force you to eat something that you dont get to choose, screwing up your whole day. Nibbling on something small will help prevent this. I work in a field that i need to have a lot of energy for(lifting heavy things and moving) so I have 1200 calories my daily maximum. Most week days I don’t even hit it! But i do have to have at least a little something or I will get dizzy.
      Bento boxes are the best. Fill it with super low calorie foods like cherry tomatoes, pickles, clementines, etc. You premeasure the portions so you get a say in what goes in!!!

      Tic tacs are crazy low calorie and sweetish. That helps take the edge off for me for sweets.

  5. Hi. Your site is exactly what I need right now. I have had an eating disorder for 25 years, but not a skinny one. I am coming at this from waaay over the other side, but I can’t just diet. If I eat it has to be drastic. Thank you and all your followers for your inspirational guidance.

  6. I’m very happy you’re back! I, too, was wondering about what to do for the holidays and how you handle it. I am also wondering about what exercises you do that do not bulk any particular area (I have a large bum!), and sort of piggy-backing off of that, what do I do if I have large thigh muscles and a large bum, how do I shrink them (or focus on shrinking that area). I recently found your website and I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to be skinny with other skinny bitches! πŸ™‚ Thank you SO much for the motivation! <3K

  7. Hiya im so so glad u are posting again i love your blog i would love to hear more and very soon i cannot wait i would like to see more tips and ideas of yours cos thier really good im with u and these blogs now your back i dont feel so alone anymore WE CAN ALL GET SKINNY XOX

  8. When I first found your blog, I thought it was inactive. Really glad you’re still posting, ’cause it’s super helpful.
    If you could do a post on exercising, that’d be great. I build muscle stupidly easy. I heard running low-impact for long periods of time wouldn’t bulk you up…?

  9. Hi your blog has really helped with my dieting!! I found it in August I think and got so worried when you stopped posting. Anyway I liked the how to hide this from your parents because this is my main issue. They force me to eat dinner every night do you have any tips in how I could avoid dinner?

  10. Welcome back!

    Pro tips on how to avoid eating a lot when around my boyfriend? I am so very very strong until I’m around him, which is bad because I had noticed I was gaining weight and fat. The week before thanksgiving I started googling thinspiration and found a bunch of blogs that I’m now subscribed to(including yours)and I’ve shed about 15 pounds since then.
    The only time I go over 1200 calories is when I’m around my boyfriend. I don’t think he realizes it but he pressures me to eat more, which is what got me gaining weight in the first place!!!

    • You eating more is a good thing, food is there for us to enjoy. There are better ways to lose weight, e.g. exercise. You’ll feel better because you would have worked hard to reach it, you’ll be fit and you can still eat your favourite food, drink hot chocolate, toast marshmallows etc.

  11. Hi please help me I need to be able to resist food more. The ‘tiny’ Portions I have Need to stop It needs to be nothing . I need to be skinny and thin so how do I resist the horrible food?

    • Food isn’t horrible, it is necessary. not eating won’t help you, it will kill you. Why do you need to be skinny and thin? How will that help you? You will look better? Being skinny doesn’t make you look better. From my experience it doesn’t make any difference. You are beautiful the way you are, you might not see it but many people can.

  12. Hi I’m kind of new in these I’m my mom says always that I’m so far and I want Ana to help me can you give some tips please I want to be beautiful

    • I’ve got a suggestion for soda/pop cravings… Get a cup ( i use gas station cups) fill them with soda, dump them out when u get home then fill it with water. It will taste of your soda and its satasfting. Hope i could help πŸ˜šπŸ’‹and as everyone knows if ur craving the devil(chocolate) then dark chocolate!! It burns fat

    • Nope, you don’t. Trust me when I say you are perfect the way you are. I know you probably don’t want to hear it and you probably think I don’t understand. And maybe you are right, maybe I don’t understand. But I know that changing yourself so dramatically in such a way won’t help.

  13. I was forced into treated and ever since I’ve been out I’ve been watched all day every day and the pounds are coming back. PLEASE help me!

  14. Hey im really struggling. Its so hard i havent been able to stay with the rules. I try to follow them but the food just mocks me all day long. Im 13 and in 7th grade and i cant get any weight loss pills. I cant go to the gym mor than about twice a week and i cant run outside cuz my rents dont let me. Any other cardio workouts u suggest? P.S im 5’5 and 159lbs. I want to get down to at LEAST 130 but main goal is 120. I just want to be beautiful…

    • You are beautiful, being skinny isn’t great. You’re hands look skeletal and wrong, fitted clothes aren’t fitted, boots don’t fit properly either. Stay the way you are because the way you are now is awesome

  15. Hi!
    Currently, my weight is 112lbs. I feel so fat! I live with my parents and I’m relly scared if they notice what am I doing. Do u have any advices how could i lose 12lbs fast? I can’t live like this.

  16. Look at yourself, fat ass
    You need to lose some weight
    A thin, beautiful, perfect child
    I will help you create

    First we’ll start we’ll start with one pound
    And by the time that’s through
    It can’t possibly be enough
    So now we’ll push for two

    The two pounds come and go
    But you’re still not pleased with what you see
    So then I’ll whisper in your ear
    “Hey, let’s shoot for three.”

    Pound after pound you will shed
    But yet you yearn for more
    So what’s the harm, I say
    “Our next goal will be for four”

    Over the time you get addicted
    Four will turn into eight
    And so you’ll keep losing
    As you fuss about your weight

    You look in the mirror
    And you’re unpleased
    With the fat protruding for your skin
    Eight turns into sixteen
    You just want to be thin

    Oh hold on! You’re getting sick
    But you don’t give a damn
    Because now you’re truly obsessed
    You’re scared of gaining just one gram

    And by now you’ve lost fifty pounds
    And you want to reach double
    But you don’t see you’re getting deathly thin
    So you say “a couple pounds, just a few”

    And not much further on
    This disease has killed you
    So people go to you’re funeral
    And they cry as they play the last song

    And I’m just standing there smirking
    Because, don’t you see?
    This was my plan all along

  17. I have read quite alot of your posts and i am really inspired because i am Fat and Ugly and i know it but if i just lost a bit of weight my life would be better my friends would like me more i could buy any clothes i want. Any tips for starters? Xx

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