How to Get Rid of Uneaten Food

Hello Skinny Bitches, 

To avoid being found out, you’ll have to dispose of food which you should have eaten. Here are some tips on how to do that: 

~ Flush food down the toilet. This is one of the best and easiest ways to dispose of food as it’s quick, and you have easy access to one most of the time. Avoid foods which will expand in water, such as rice and cereal, as these could block your drains.

~ Give your lunch to someone else. This works especially well if you’re at school. Give your lunch to someone else, and your parents will think it was you who ate it.

~ Throw it in a bush. Any bush will do, but make sure it’s out of the way of the house so no one finds it.

~ Feed it to the dogs. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a dog! If you have a greedy cat or other pet, feed it to them. But in my experience, dogs are the number 1 animal because generally, they eat everything you give them.

~ Throw it in the bin. This one is risky. As everyone in the household will use the bin, it’ll be easy for anyone to find it. Wrap your food up so you can’t tell what’s in it, and if possible, use an outside wheelie bin.

~ Recycle it. Check with your local recycling to see if you can recycle food waste. If you can, then great! Take your food there regularly to dispose of it.

~ Keep a bin bag of all the food you don’t eat and throw it out when it’s full/starts to smell. Because it’s a bin bag no one will suspect it’s full of food.

Stay Strong,

xoxo L

14 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Uneaten Food

  1. You’re blog is so inspiring. I can’t wait to use all these tricks. I’m scared of weighing myself…I weighed 110 pounds when I stepped on the scale. I’m 5feet7inches and when I stepped on it the last time two days ago it said 126. I’ve gained 16 pounds in about 2-3 months. Summer is coming up and I want to look so good in a bikini. I feel so fat. I look gross…I can’t wait to use the tricks to help

  2. Can you give advice on what to do when your at a friends? I’m in middle school and when I’m sleeping over at friends houses on the weekends it’s suspicious to not eat and it’s hard for me to get away not enough to purge, tips please

  3. Heyy, i was thinking and I think we should create an whatsapp group for us give advices and support each other!! Please let’s try to create one!

  4. Hi,
    After reading most of everything here I must say its helpful especially the restaurant section 🙂 ill be visiting your site sometimes so thanks for the advice. Oh! Those pics, is that you?? If so, wow! I so desperately want a body like yours. Is it possible you can contact me?

  5. Hi, i just want to say, this is by far one of my favorite websites! I check it every single day!

    Hugs and kisses – Anastaysia xoxo

    • Heey…

      I was wondering and I totally think we should create a what’s app group. So that we could advice each other! Cause I do really need some support.

      XOXO, Giulia

      Em sábado, 21 de junho de 2014, The Pro-Ana Lifestyle Forever escreveu:

      > Anastaysia Summers commented: “Hi, i just want to say, this is by far > one of my favorite websites! I check it every single day! Hugs and kisses – > Anastaysia xoxo”

  6. I Used to purge in a walmart bag after I cooked and ate dinner with my husband and sisters. I did it in the laundry room. No place they would venture. ,’;)

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