Cravings: How to Deal

Hello lovelies,

So we all know that cravings suck so here are a few helpful ways to deal with them. 

  • The quicker you can distract yourself from a craving the faster you will forget about it. If you are not binge-disordered even thinking about other foods can relieve a craving (ex. if you are craving spicy think about sweet foods and the spicy craving will pass.)
  • Cravings return. If you have one cookie how long until you want a second? Realize that cravings are fleeting feelings, and indulging one is even more fleeting. If you ate that cookie what is different? Nothing you crave it again 5 minutes later. If you don’t eat it what is different? You feel strong, powerful, beautiful, thin. Which is more appealing now?
  • Realize that feelings are not directives. If you see a cute guy/girl do you run up and kiss them? Eating because the whim of eating entered your head is just as illogical. Experience the feeling as an observer and wait for it to pass, you will feel more powerful and in control than you ever imagined!
  • Facial expressions are thought of as responses to emotions but they can trigger emotions as well. Smile when you’re hungry, and make a disgusted face at foods you would indulge in. The emotions will follow try it you’ll be surprised.
  • Cravings diminish over time. Food can be addictive like nicotine. Think about it: the longer a smoker goes without a cigarette, the more likely they are to give them up entirely. Avoid the foods you crave most for as long as you can and eventually you will forget about them. If it’s scary to think about never eating your favorite food again, tell yourself, if you go a whole month without it you can have it on the 31st day. By then you won’t want it. 

xoxo L
Stay Strong! And DON’T BINGE ❤ 

4 thoughts on “Cravings: How to Deal

  1. Would I our stomachs growl? Because I’m so fat that when I’m hungry it growls. I hate my body so much! Please help.!

  2. I have been having these all afternoon. I’m on a 400- calorie diet for over a week now, and yes feeling faint. But this helped very much. Thank you. I am reminded why I must push on. Push forward. No turning back. Your words encouraged me to keep going forward. Thank you so much!

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