Common Pro-Ana Myths

Hey Loves,

I just want to clear up some common myths. Stay strong my buddies. 

Myth: Pro-Ana prays to anorexia. 

Reality: There is reference to a religion of sorts that exsists on pro-ana websites, with several referrals of the name “Ana” mentioned. But people, mainly the media and anti’s get confused and spread the misinformation that Ana refers to anorexia. The name Ana in the religious conotation actually is the full name Anamadim, and not some goddess named anorexia. The orgin of Anamadim was the creation of a site by the name of Underground Grotto, where there is even a summoning spell to invoke Anamadim. However there is an extremely slim (no pun intended) minority of those on pro-ana sites that partake in this religious style activity. This also has nothing to do with the letters, creeds, commandments, ect. either (see below for that information). It has nothing to do with the huge majority of pro-ana. 

Myth: The entire pro-ana religion. 

Reality: The pro-ana religion seen on many pro-ana sites was never created by any pro-ana site at all. All the creeds, letters, comandments are all made by professional psychologists in an attempt to make the mindset of the anorexic views be seen through their eyes. This was seen as a powerful message, and to those who are anorexic and wanting to go further into it, seen these messages as motivation instead of the reverse that it was intended to be. It’s funny how those that hate pro-ana unwittingly gave it a religion isn’t it? Not too many want that be known, and no wonder. Big opps eh? Just so you know, that is their writings if you ever see and/or use it. 

Myth: Pro-Ana is Pro Death 

Reality: If you ever been on a pro-ana forum before, you will notice that alot of the long term members are of a normal to ever so slightly below normal weight range. There is very few long termers that are in the medical anorexic weight range. So true they are thin, but in reality terms, they are in fact normal. In fact many of the extreme thin don’t frequent pro-ed forums at all, they are on support forums instead. Of those that get to an extreme level who post pics and weights, are replied back with messages of concern and pleas for them to take care of themselves and to not loose any more weight. Now you have to actually be ON the forums to know this, but those who cry out the evils do not do very good research into what they are talking about. You could say that pro-ana is alot more pro-support leaning than it lets on too.

Myth: Pro-Ana is teaching others to become anorexic 

Reality: You cannot “become” anorexic, it is not something you choose like a diet, anorexia chooses you and in the lottery of anorexia winning is loosing more than you know. It’s outside factors in your own enviornment that make one eating disordered, not text and pictures on a website. To those that think you can become “ana” … it won’t happen. You may skip a few meals, fast for a few days but that does not make you anorexic at all. Much like a drag queen, you can look act talk walk and sing every bit like Cher … but you are not Cher. It’s simple as that. 

Myth: Pro-Ana encourages you to stay anorexic 

Reality: This is the touchy one. We don’t encourage you to stay anorexic, but this is the biggest way in which we differ from the professional and pro-recovery sites. Instead of treating a disorder itself, pro-ana treats the person. We get to know the individual, what makes them laugh, smile, cry and scared to see what their world is like through their eyes. See, like I said before, eating disorders are a deep rooted problem and there is no point trying to get rid of something that will just come back again instantly. To get rid of this, one must get to the main root and work from there. Once the root is gone, the consequense of eating disorders are that much easier to recover from … and the process will be a lasting one.

xoxo L

12 thoughts on “Common Pro-Ana Myths

  1. I would like some help on loosing weight. I can’t stand what I see in the mirror anymore. It’s like I am trapped inside a monster who resembles me. Help!

  2. Wow that is so full of shit.

    How do you pretend that all these psychologists and psychiatrists who spent their wntire life dedicating themselves to mental disorders are all collectively wrong but you are right?

    Ana IS anorexia whether you choose to believe it or not. It is not a religion and it will not being u salvation from feeling fat. You are not fat. You should stop following this promoter of self harm

  3. My 11 year old granddaughter has been hospitalized for anorexia & she told me she got her ideas/diets from the internet/google. It has taken over her mind & destroyed our family.
    Cordelia Fortier, Fort Bragg, CA

  4. This post is so stupid. I developed anorexia mostly from when I started reading it on the internet. Little children are reading this and is taking the advise to starve themselves. I did. I am 14. And I stopped growing when I was sopposed to. I can ruin lives. This is never okey.

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