Daily Update: Thursday January 2nd

Hello my lovely ana’s,

I’m going to try to go ahead and do daily updates but don’t hate me if I forget a day.
I am so over winter break my mom is literally making me eat every meal. Plus if you’re on the east coast like me you would know that there is a major snow storm today so I couldn’t drive to the gym. Oh well tried to make the best out of it.

Breakfast: Cinnamon Tea- 0 calories

Lunch: Mini mozzarella balls (10)- 86 calories
Cherry Tomatoes (8)- 17 calories

Snack: Almonds (9)- 62 calories

Dinner: Steak (0.8 oz)- 56 calories
  Boston Lettuce (5 leafs)- 8 calories

Exercise: Wii fit (30 minutes)- 116 calories (it’s better than nothing :/)

Total: Food: 229 Calories
Exercise: -116 calories
Net: 113 Calories

Current Weight: 149 Pounds (Fuck my life)

xoxo L


8 thoughts on “Daily Update: Thursday January 2nd

  1. OMG you’re such an inspiration! I’m only starting too and it’s been so hard! I live in LA but I’m in Texas for the holidays and my family is making me eat, I don’t know what to do.. Once I start eating it’s hard to stop, I can’t wait to go back and go on with my life. Love your blog! Stay strong! Xo

  2. You are lucky. You would want to die if u were me. I go days without eating and when i do, i eat like 100cals. Im 5″8 and i have a wide frame for a girl and i weight 160 pounds. This has been my diet for the past 3years… i dont know what to do. I just wanna be thin. Atleast 120

  3. I’m new to this! I’m not sure what to really say, but I love your blog! It’s very helpful! My family gets weird when I try to skip meals. Could you do something on excersizes maybe ? Thank you!!

  4. Hey, um… I guess I’m new to this. It’s amazing to know I have someone like me. Also it’s amazing to have someone who talks about these things without just yelling at you to eat. Know that you’re amazing and I love your tips! It’s really hard for me, and I’ve just started this. I’ve been a cutter for many years now, and was an on/off bulimic for a year. Honestly, this sounds stupid, but Ana has kinda helped me through it…
    I’ve started now and it’s added a level of control I didn’t have before. It kinda takes over you life, but I don’t really want my life right now so I find that so be good. It distracts me from my cutting and depression and all that. And now that I hope how to be semi-healthy while still being Ana, it’s great! Thank you so much for the help and knowing there is someone else out there like me!

    (Also I know Ana isn’t being Anorexic but I use the words interchangeably here. I hope that’s okay…)

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