Ana Comfort Songs

Hello Loves,

When I’m feeling really down and am in a little bit of an Ana depression I love to listen to some songs to motivate me and keep me strong. These are songs about anorexia that I can relate to. So I thought I would share them with you loves. Here’s my current playlist that I’m loving. Btw I found most of these songs on 8tracks or youtube. Enjoy!

Ana Playlist 1:

Skinny- Edith Backlund
Sophie- Eleanor McEvoy
Skinny Love- Bon Iver
Deadly Beauty- Faces Without Names
Creep- Radiohead
Sugarcane- Miss Higgins
Big isn’t Beautiful-King Adora
Never Good Enough- Rache Ferguson
Perfect- Marianas Trench

xoxo L

8 thoughts on “Ana Comfort Songs

  1. Listen to Scars to your beautiful by Alessa Cara.
    It’s kinda different than what we belive in but i believe that it’s all about one’s own perception.
    The song is a lie but weirdly helps.

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