Negative Calories

Hi everybody!

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about ‘Negative calories’.
So, I thought it was time to learn you all some things about calories.
Start at the basics; shortly, cause we already know that…

Calories, also known as Kcal, or KJ is the stuff in food that gives us energy. Kcal’s contain out of carbs, fat, and proteins. And these things are nessecary for your body to live, to make you heart beat, blood flow, and keep your brains working so you don’t forget to breath.

Ok, so we knew that already.
Then there’s this myth, about ‘Negative calories’.
This is about foods, that by saying,  contain this less kcal, or are so hard to digest, that it costs your body more energy to process the food, than the food actually contains.
Nothing about this is true. When food is hard to digest, it simply stays in you stomach longer, and the acids do their work.

Whatever is a true fact about kcal, is that you can beat them. You can calculate who many kcal you would burn by doing nothing with a simple calculation. That’s the energy your body needs to keep your organs working. I advise everyone to take at least this amount of kcal everyday, to prevent serious health problems.

The formula to this number is; (your weight in kg) x 1 x 24 =…. 
This goes for people with BMI 25 or below. Above 25 you really need to go to a doctor, and get professional help, because this is dangerous.

That amount of energy is what your body really needs, but actually, this is what your body would live on when it was in a coma. So I higly recommend, or ask, to eat this at least. For the best.
It will prevent things you don’t want to be dealing with.

Xoxo L

7 thoughts on “Negative Calories

  1. I heard about negative calories forever. Most of the “negative calorie foods” are made up of more water so they are pretty healthy to eat…but you’re right…your body doesn’t use more calories to digest them than is in there…

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  4. This calorie minimum sounds about right. But do the math and you will see a 50kg person needs 1,000 calories minimum no exercise. That’s coming from your own formula. To be on a 300/calorie per day diet, you would need to be 37 lbs or 15kg

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