ED Plateau

Hello my lovely bloggers, 

A plateau is a phase during weight-loss when you seem to maintain your weight even if your caloric intake/output haven’t changed. your body is probably resisting weight loss because it’s being pushed too far. Your metabolism could be slowing down because you’re not eating enough, and variety is important to your body. You can affect your metabolism through eating habits

  • Eat more negative calorie foods like fruits and vegetables. they’ll keep your digestive system moving with fewer calories.
  • Drink lots of water, as you already should be doing, this way your body will be well hydrated, and you will less likely become lethargic.
  • If you’re eating a few larger meals each day, try eating smaller bits of food more often, so if your eating 1 meal then make it two smaller one etc. Changing your caloric intake does not always mean decreasing! if your metabolism has slowed down, it may need some more calories to speed up a bit. Don’t overdo this, just try to increase by 10%, and when you passed the plateau, you decrease 10%.
  • You can also try a spike, this is when you eat regular meals for one day (should equal roughly 1500 cals) to jump start your metabolism, then simply return to your regular eating habits the next day.
  • usually when you use a new shampoo, your hair will be so soft and shiny you’ll keep using the shampoo…but after a few weeks it doesn’t do anything special. same with exercising; your body will get the best out of a workout when it’s being challenged. so the first time you run a mile you may feel exhausted, your muscles might be sore and all of that…but if you keep running one mile each day for a week or two, your body will build more muscle, use those same muscles over and over while neglecting others, and won’t be as challenged. You should change either the length of time or intensity of your workout.

If you’ve been exercising for 20 minutes every day, try doing 20 minutes one day and then 40 minutes the next day, so you’re getting a variety. Weight training increases metabolism significantly. muscle burns more calories during the day than fat, even if you’re just sitting still. you don’t have to become a body builder. a few minutes of push-ups and simple weight-lifting or calisthenic exercises will make a difference. Don’t put all of your trust in this, but i’m pretty sure i read that 10 minutes of weight lifting 3 times a week will increase muscle and metabolism within the first week. thats only 30 minutes out of the 10,080 minutes you have every week. also try switching to different types of exercise every other day, for example, run on monday, swim on tuesday, weight lift on wednesday, run on thursday, yoga on friday, swim on saturday, bike/hike on sunday. effects won’t occur immediately. Patience and slower weight loss is good according to doctors. But if you don’t want to increase your calorie intake, then you simply must exercise more and also throughout the day, do a couple of jumping jacks it will give your metabolism kick or fidgit a lot, I believe that I read that fidgiting can burn up to 800 calories a day, which equals roughly over 1.5 lbs burned a week on top of your diet and exercise.

Xoxo L

4 thoughts on “ED Plateau

  1. Your thighs are great hun! And i know how it feels to not know what you weigh but keep up your diet and dont let yourself get distracted! You’re on the right trAck! Xox

  2. In the past I’ve avoided this frustration by NOT weighing myself. I usually judge my weight by how clothes fit, how my body looks, how much my bones are protruding, et cetera.
    I don’t even tend to notice a plateau this way. I feel better all-around since I mostly ditched the scale… You don’t need to fixate on the numbers to be skinny and stay skinny 😉

    All the best to all you lovely ladies… xo!

    • I want to also add-
      I like to only weigh myself occasionally, because it feels awesome to see the numbers fall DRAMATICALLY after 3 weeks, rather than excruciatingly watching each ounce every day.
      I tend to fluctuate a little, and seeing my weight go down… then up… then back down…. It makes me so tense!
      If you tend to plateau or fluctuate, try ditching the scale for a week (or two weeks if you have a lot of self discipline) along with some of the advice in L’s post… When you finally step on the scale again, you’ll be thrilled and relieved 🙂


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