Daily Update: May 15th, 2013

Hello my sweat little bloggers,

Here is my daily update…

Breakfast: Cinnamon Tea- 0 calories

Lunch: Big Red Gum (1 Piece)- 10 calories

Snacks: I was about to pass out from hunger when I got home from school so I went to Starbucks drink (with green tea) so I would have enough  energy to work out
Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher (Tall)- 53 Calories

Dinner: Homemade Mini Meatball (1.5)- 48 Calories
Cucumber (1/2 cup)- 8 Calories
Raw Cherry Tomato (1/2 cup)- 14 Calories

Workout: I recently hurt my leg so I am in physical therapy. Despite what some people think its actually a really good workout.
Physical Therapy (50 minutes)– 329 Calories

Food- 133
Exercise- -329
Net- -196

Xoxo L

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