How I Deal With Weakness and Tiredness

First of all, you should never go for a 100%  starvation. You’re body will simply go in survival mode, and burn as less calories as possible. And that is the exact mode where you will get extreme weak and tired. Because youre body is saving all its energy to use it for its vital oarts, heart, bloodstream, and oxygensupply.

So, what I do, is take three meals a day, but make sure I never take in more than fifty calories.
I take some lettuce, and season it with a lot of peper and salt. It tricks your body. The salt wil get youre blood pressure up, and the peper will give youre digestion a boost. The rest of the day I trick my body with high caffeine sweet drinks, without any calories. Sweetners are the key. Especially aspartame. This particular sweetner is a real body fooler. Your body really actually believes it gets sugar, while it doesn’t . And its used in most diet drinks. Like coca cola light.

Then besides that, a real good thing is green tea. Green tea fastens you’re metabolism, and it contains caffeine, wich also will give you energy. And by drinking alot, you will be less hungry. And it also cleanses youre body.

Another way is to take the pure form of caffeine, wich is powder you can use in anyway you like, so you can get a higher dose.

But, in the end, it is mainly youre body getting used to living the way you do.

So, in summary:
– always eat something, but never more than fifty calories, and ofcourse, no fats and carbs
– use peper and salt
– sweet high caffeine drinks
– aspartame, or other sweeteners
– green tea
– caffeine powder

And give youre body some time to adjust. This is hard, but thats what it is in the beginning.
Personally, Ive reached a point where I can go without food for three or four days, and I am able to work, (I work with horses, so thats exercise at the same time). And live my life without problems. As long as I keep drinking enough. So you can do it to, but it will take a lot of discipline and hard work to hold on.

5 thoughts on “How I Deal With Weakness and Tiredness

  1. You should read “skinnnybitch” this diet book encourages vegan eating, staying away from caffeine, aspartame, sugar, and salts.

  2. Don’t forget about METHAMPHETAMINE!
    If you really believe in the rule that skinny is more important than healthy, use drugs.
    It sounds awful but you’ll get skinny using drugs like meth, in less than a month.
    You won’t be hungry. You won’t be weak and tired either. You’ll have boundless energy, and be able to count your vertebrae and ribs.
    Yes, its hardcore. Yes, it’ll make you crazy. You won’t even notice that you’re exhausted.

    Or you could just adopt a pure vegan lifestyle, eat nothing but fruit and negative calorie veggies. Stop counting calories! Do YOGA, not crunches and lunges… Don’t go Running! High impact exercise will eventually break your bones. (Trust me… I know.)
    Stop fasting so severely, it makes your body attempt to pack on fat and water weight.

    Be safe girls xoxox

  3. I would not take aspartame it is proven to put holes on your brain. You want a good supplement. Yes it’s 25 calories but it gives your body all the nutrition it needs plus an extra boost of energy. Super foods. It’s a green food supplement that has all your body needs. I take megahydrate a few min before cause anything (besides calories) you put into your body it doubles. But it lack certain memorials so taking pink himalayan salt will help with that. Your body gets what it needs to function through out the day but it won’t go into survival mode.

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