Daily Update: May 11th, 2013

Hello sweethearts,

So I’m going to start these blog posts called daily updates. I will include what I’ve eaten today, how many calories I’ve consumed, exercise of the day, and current weight. I want to share my progress with you guys and hope you share your progress with me!

Breakfast- Nothing

Lunch- So I was at the mall with my mom and she forced me to go to the food court with her. She’s been noticing that I’ve been eating less so she made me get something even though I told her I wasn’t hungry. 😦 I ended up getting a salad just to make her happy. I threw away most of it while she was in the bathroom but this is what I had to eat.
Boston Lettuce (10 leafs)- 19 Calories 
Bacon Bits (1/8 cup)- 19 Calories
Tomato (2 Slices)- 5 Calories
Cucumber (3 pieces)- 2 Calories
Lemon Juice- 5 Calories

Dinner: We had a special pre-mothers day dinner with my whole family. The whole time my family was eating all this fatty stuff it made me want to puke. I ended up just having some tomato, mozzarella, and salami salad. Which made me feel gross and fat but my whole family was making all these comments about how I had barely touched my food. Then when I was eating my dad said oink oink. I don’t think he meant it in a mean way but it made me feel so horrible about myself. I feel so fat right now. For dessert my mom had little mom cakes. She said that I had to eat them because she worked so hard on them. I ended up eating one but hopped on the bike right after that.
Cherry Tomatos (1.5 Cups)- 41 Calories 
Mini Mozzarella Balls (0.7 Cup)- 47 Calories
Dry Salami (Light 10 Slices)- 140 Calories
Mini Cake- 85 Calories 

40 Minutes Stationary Bike- Burned 284 Calories

Food: 366
Exercise: 284
Net: 87

Stay Strong my lovelies xoxo L

2 thoughts on “Daily Update: May 11th, 2013

  1. Exercise, and do what you love. Seek professional advice, so you won’t end up anorexic/hospitalized. 🙂 Good luck, and I really hope that you do it the RIGHT WAY! (Not L’s way)

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