When It’s All Just Too Much

Dear lovely followers,

Being Pro Ana is about being strong. Being tough. Being disciplined. Being perfect. Youre a straight a student, or employee of the month. You’re always smiling, you’re such a social human being, cause when anyone needs help, you’ll be there.
But then, when you’re home alone. In youre own room. You look in the mirror, look yourself into your eyes. And you see the world behind the glistening the outer world always gets to see.
You see the real you. Tired, broken, in pain.

You’re tired of this game you’re playing of being perfect, and always pleasing everyone, but knowing you’ll never be good enough to please yourself. The pain, of all the times they broke you with whatever horror was done to you when you were to young to understand, let along defence yourself. And broken, cause you have to live the secrets of it all day by day. Broken, cause you are living two lives, and sometimes even you forget wich one is the real one, untill you totally breakdown, when you realize, both lives are fake, and you don’t even know who you are anymore.

Ever feel like that? I guess a lot of you recognize this, or parts of this.
Anyway, what I wanted to say. This post can be a place to post your feelings, to talk, to spit out everything that’s in your mind. If you’re in a dark place and feel as if you’re all alone, know that you’re not, cause we are here. I am here, that a promise, and I dare to say that there will be sisters who agree with me. And I believe that you’ll be there for me too.
In sadness, anger,fear whatever. Also when it doesn’t have anything to do with Ana. As PA sisters, you’re there for each other always.

XoXo L

4 thoughts on “When It’s All Just Too Much

  1. Tbh this describes me perfectly I’m trying to change my body to make me happy but at the same time I’m trying to change my personality. I’ve never been happy with myself and now it’s just getting worse I love this website bc I’m being able to change my body in a healthy way and in a way my Mom won’t get worried

    If you ever need help know that we’re your lovely and loyal followers we’ll be here for you the same way your here for us

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