NEW Thinspo!

Hello my fellow ana’s!

New thinspo and quotes are up! Just click under the thinspiration and quotes bar and you will see it!

I got all the pics from we heart it and credit goes to rightful owners!

If you have any good tumblrs with thinspo that I should check out email me! I would love to hear about them!

Xoxo L

2 thoughts on “NEW Thinspo!

  1. Hi! I love what your doing here and your tips really work but I always seem to crave guacamole and chips, it’s like my weakness, and after I give in I feel horrible and end up throwing it up. I was wondering if you have any other tips to keep me away from giving in. 😦 I don’t want to start binging because all that does is make you gain weight.

  2. Throwing up? That’s horrible! Don’t worry, chips and guacamole aren’t too fatty. Just keep calm, and ask your parents/ doctor why you are doing that. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF! It will all work out okay.

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