70 Reasons NOT to Eat!

  1. Ana sounds so much better than FATSO
  2. You’ll be perfect
  3. You’ll be FAT if you eat today!
  4. Starving is control, we like control!
  5. You’ll look prettier
  6. Guys want you!
  7. You don’t NEED food
  8. Starving is an excellent example of will power
  9. People will see your beautiful bones
  10. People will remember you as the beautiful girl
  11. Only thin people are graceful
  12. You’ll be able to run faster
  13. You’ll have both inner&outer beauty
  14. People who eat are selfish and unrealistic
  15. FAT people can’t fit everywhere
  16. If you eat you’ll look like those disgusting, fat, trash hookers
  17. FAT people are so huge, yet people look away as if they don’t exist
  18. Bones are clean and pure
  19. FAT is dirty, hangs on you as a parasite
  20. Thin people look good in ALL clothes
  21. Fat people die earlier
  22. Ballerina or beanbag?
  23. Starving Anorexic girl, or Ugly mingling FAT girl?
  24. A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips
  25. People will congratulate you on how much you’ve lost
  26. You’ll use less soap in the shower, and save money
  27. People won’t think ‘what a fat cow’ when they see you
  28. Skinny people get better jobs
  29. Fat people don’t get leads in plays
  30. Starving works, diets don’t!
  31. Food makes you fat
  32. Fatso’s can’t be loved
  33. People LOVE Ana’s!
  34. You’ll feel more energetic
  35. You’ll save money on grocery bills
  36. Think as Anorexia as your secret wapen
  37. When your fat, it’s like your invisible
  38. You’ll look perfect on the outside
  39. You’ll feel more confident and happy
  40. Thin is in
  41. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels
  42. You’ll be free without the fat
  43. Everybody else will be envious
  44. Perfect body = perfect soul
  45. Have you ever seen anyone not noticing a thin girl?
  46. You’ll be able to wear mini skirts, without blurry legs
  47. Friends will envy your body, and admire you
  48. Do you want to be the fattest person in town?
  49. Do you want to be Morbid Obese?
  50. You’ll fit in all pretty clothes!
  51. Models are Anorexic too!
  52. You die beautiful
  53. Fat is a lazy person, Ana is control!
  54. You’ll look good on pictures!
  55. You don’t deserve food!
  56. You’ll be able to be proud wearing a bikini!
  57. Fat people are ugly!
  58. Calories make you fat, food contains calories
  59. You’ll save time by not eating
  60. The word FAT will only be used in a sarcastic way
  61. Fatso’s are sooo disgusting!
  62. Fatso’s are lonely because people don’t want to look at them
  63. Is food more important than happiness?
  64. Food is mean and sneaky, every bite makes you FAT, UGLY, BLOATED, and UNHAPPY!
  65. You’ll look like your favorite model!
  66. Fat drags you down
  67. Cell-U-Lite? Or perfection?
  68. People will be able to lift you up
  69. You’ll be pure, holy and clean!
  70. Do you want your skin to look like it’s going to burst because of all the fat?

7 thoughts on “70 Reasons NOT to Eat!

  1. This is so helpful. I plan on starting the pro ana lifestyle and this is going to help. hopefully this isn’t one of those blogs where the people just gave up. I know a few people who know of your website, but they just GAVE UP THE SKINNY DREAM. so if you have any tips, my email is chassi.leann@gmail.com and i’m 14. XOXO chassi

  2. One reason to stop this: You already are beautiful.
    Another reason: You are hurting others.
    Please. Please can you stop. We can’t make you, only you can.

  3. I could take each number and explain the utter stupidity of each statement, but instead lets just say that it’s pretty much all self destructive bullshit. Nobody wants to hang with a thin girl with no energy who is obsessed with fod and calories and not eating.
    Eat three smart meals a day. Look at your teeth, humans are meant to be omnivores!
    Low fat, low sugar, lots of veggies, lean meat is your friend, some fruit, lowfat dairy. Smart carbs – brown rice, whole grains. Zero calorie beverages: water, coffee, tea and no diet soda-don’t get me started there! Get your palette used to less sweetness is enough to say. No between meal snacks. Yes you need willpower and to be in control. AND THIS IS REAL CONTROL WITH A HAPPY ENDING!!
    Burn calories each day. Just don’t sit down for the 12 daytime hours unless you’re eating or taking a quick 5-10 minute rest. Mother nature created us as an animal that is supposed to spend all day each day working to survive, remote controls and cushions are a bad influence. When your 12 hour day is done and you do relax, get up periodically and move. Dance. Be happy. Celebrate your ability to make conscious choices for your own betterment each time you leave the table eating only the amount you planned and prepared.
    And the balance: find your magic number – how mqny calories do you need to stay under each day to continue to lose a pound or two a week?
    Don’t skip meals. STARVING LEADS TO BINGING.
    Take a vitamin supplement. Deficiencies can cause cravings.
    Look at other people when they look at you and smile. Enjoy it when most of them smile back. This is true regardless of the body type, which kind of proves you don’t need to be thin for people to be pleased at encountering you, just a smile.
    Let common sense, successful diet practices, and aquired wisdom be your guide. Please, please don’t believe the fantasy some poor mentally ill child has spun out of her horribly skewed viewpoint of love.

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